French buns


Yeast (there was a time I used dry yeast, now I'm back to raw - no difference; 50 g raw or 1 tsp (about 5-6 g) of dry) - 50 g

Egg - 2 pcs.

Milk (warm) - 1 cup.

Margarine (take flavorless - a good, melted) - 0.5 pack.

Sugar - 1/4 cup.

Wheat flour / Flour (as much as the dough will take) - 2-3 cups.

Cinnamon (or poppy seed, if desired)

The cream

Starch - 1-1,5 tbsp.

Margarine (soft) - 0.5 package.

Sugar - 3/4 cup.

                      Recipe "French Scones":

Immediately prepare the cream. Mix well the soft margarine, sugar and starch. A mixer is not needed here, it is enough to mix well with a fork.

We begin to prepare the dough. Crumble yeast (if raw) into warm milk, add sugar, eggs, half the flour, melted margarine and more flour.

Knead a soft elastic dough. Immediately begin shaping the rolls.

Roll out the dough as thick as a finger and spread our cream on it. The cream is easier to apply with a fork. (tip: divide the dough into 2-3 equal parts and the cream in as many parts (do not put it aside, purely visually), then you do not have either not enough cream or remainder).

Roll up the rolls.

Cut it into small pieces. It is desirable not to be over zealous with the size.

Lay out on a baking tray with the pieces cut side down. Do not flatten, do not press, loosely enough. Now cover with a napkin and wait until they increase in volume. When the yeast is good, 40-60 minutes is enough. You can let it stand longer.

Preheat the oven to 220 gr. (be sure to preheat it well!), put rolls in it and turn down the temperature to 180-200g.

In 15 minutes they are ready. They are very tasty warm!

The recipe really is very versatile. Just baked 50 for the kids today for school. I started to make them at 9:30, and the last batch was done at 11:30. The buns were eaten immediately (I brought them still warm), despite the fact that there were many other delicious things on the table.

I also make these buns as a spare and keep them in a bag in the fridge (you can also freeze them). My son likes them cold and buttered, and my daughter will pop them in the microwave for a few seconds and they'll be perfectly fresh 


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