Fun Animal Facts For Learning Minds!

Did you know that elephants see humans the way humans see puppies?? It's true! Elephants think that humans are cute the same way that humans think puppies are cute. On the topic of elephants, much like infant humans suck their thumbs, baby elephants suck their trunks! Did you know that elephants are mammals? They have a very thin layer of hair on their skin! What else classifies an animal as a mammal? Do YOU know?? I'll give you a moment to guess! 

Other classifying criteria of mammals are as follows:

• having body hair or fur

• giving live birth

• being warm blooded

• having sweat glands

• having a heart with four chambers in it

• glands which produce milk for the young (mammary glands) 


Do you wonder what other unexpected animals are mammals? Here are some examples!!

Whales are mammals too! Yep you read that right! Whales are mammals! Even though we can't see their body hair they DO give live birth and nurse their young! 

Pigs are also mammals! That one might've been a little easier to guess since there are some super fluffy pigs out there.

Dogs and cats are also considered mammals for all the reasons listed above as well! 

Now it's time for the part of the article where we get into the really fun facts!! 

• Fleas can jump over 300 times their body length! 
• Only female mosquitos bite! 
• Bats are the only mammal that can fly
• Shrimps hearts are in their heads! 
• Snails can sleep for up to three years straight! 
• Elephants are the ONLY animal that cannot jump! 
• In order to be able to eat, a flamingo's head has to be upside down! 
• Slugs have 4 noses! 
• The loudest animal in the world is one that you might not expect! It's a shrimp! The Pistol Shrimp to be exact! It can snap its claws shut so quickly that it makes a bubble which, upon bursting, creates a sonic blast! It's louder than a jet planes sonic boom! 

this was fun facts about animals! If you enjoyed reading this please stay tuned for more articles to come! 


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