Fun training Methods for dogs

Let's get to know fun training methods for dogs. Dogs are the cutest creations, which come with bravery and innocence. Being fond of dogs is the best feelings any human can undergo, their furry body, their way of showing affection to everyone, the way one feels safe with the dogs, are the most beautiful moments on can share.

Though dogs being most cheeky and fluffy beings, they are mostly misunderstood by people in many ways, just because they don’t understand the initial care that has to be taken for having a dog around. Dogs are sincere and capable of being trained and that’s the only thing that is needed for the well-being of both; the dog and the owner.

Fun training methods for dogs

To have a healthy environment with your dog, many dog-specialists suggest trainings that will encourage and be rewarding to your dog. An example of the same that can be consider as a mode of training: Dawn Sylvia-Stasiewicz was a dog trainer who train Obama’s Dog, and the training that she perceived was based on reward that is inculcating good habits and rewarding them for the same. Let’s understand this in detail: whenever the dog does as you say, he/ she is reward with a thing or the food they like, this encourages the dog to understand that the good behaviour is reward and none of the bad behaviour would be entertain.

“Its like, if you’re good at dancing dear, then I will hire you, otherwise you are going home baby!”

Fun training methods for dogs. Many people have difficulty in training their Dog in terms of toilet, which is again another reason for them to NOT have dogs at home, no matter how badly they love dogs. To tackle this, many adoption centres have now start toilet-training for dogs, so that their chances of getting adopt increases, as dogs are deny mostly just because the owner want his or her place clean and cannot handle dog getting dirt all over.

“Try and keep my house clean dear, otherwise I might not adopt you. Its for a reason, I don’t like to clean you!”

To house-train your dog for toilet, you need to frequently take your dog for a walk, reward them when they alert you about their loo, also try and engage them in activities like fetch and mostly have your dog a shelter house in the garden or in an open environment.

Every dog does not adapt to their new home, they take time, in this case, many dog trainers advise to have their furry mate to relax and take things slow with them. Many dog owners face this situation wherein the previous place their dog lived may be too noisy and their current home may be too silent for them. While making them comfortable at their new home, a soft toy that is too fluffy for them, will be a best option for your dog to adapt to your environment. Engagement of your pet into activities like grooming and a walk in the neighbourhood can make them adaptive to the new surrounding as early as possible.

“Dude, it’s my home, I need time to adjust, I don’t think that is possible, oh! Look, I found new friends, I need to think about this place.”

It is very cute when your dog jump on your arrival and starts to follow you everywhere you go, in some cases this behaviour should limit to you only, because some people do not like dogs jumping and some are even scare. To tackle this the only way is to ignore the joy of your dog when he/ she jumps and to turn around so that they understand that this behaviour is not rewarding.

“He is back home, no, I am not leaving my mat dude, you won’t let me jump. I am not moving at all.”

Dogs are loyal angels and when it comes to owner’s safety, they have wild tendency like a beast protecting their princess or prince. This might be other way around, if any guests visit and they are scary enough to freak your dog out, then your dog may be creepy around that person.

To avoid biting, let your dog understand that it hurts by screaming whenever your dog tries to put their teeth on you. The best way to avoid this will be to ignore your dog whenever he tries to catch you by the teeth. With this response your dog will understand that biting is not a good behaviour and you don’t approve of it.

“I am not going to bite your weird aunt, just keep her away from me and my home, I hate creepies around me.”


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