Game of burning bird ( a children story)

Sometime in the distant past it carries on with a ruler in a Sada realm. He has greater part individuals in his realm. Likewise he cherishes princess whose name was Fiyoni. Furthermore, the sovereign name was Doco. On one occasion the minister of Sada realm came in culture of sovereign and told about a bird. As a matter of fact minister gave a consuming bird to Doco. As the bird was a gift and from its tail a smoke consumes and his long does it flies the sovereign place that is known for realm was estimated.

        So the bird was flied by ruler Doco. Furthermore, the consuming bird ranges to never realm Ysome. The whole realm declines the bird and with the assistance of tracker the consuming bird was caught. So the distance of catching region was finished and shut.

                                            Then, at that point, minister of Sada realm again came in culture of sovereign Doco and let him know that you should battle with the Ysome realm as our subject is about that nobody can catch consuming bird just it detonates the universe of our realm. Then it communicated something specific by sovereign Doco to Ysome realm that kindly delivery the consuming bird and comply with our standard of decide that consuming bird is detonate the world. Alright, fine the Ysome realm complied with the request yet a marvel happened the consuming bird of enclosure dissapears and nobody knows where it goes.

       Then, at that point, what the ruler of Sada realm felt that it is the genuine mix-up of Ysome realm. They had fouled up. So sovereign of Sada realm called a cleric about the request and determined what is the issue about consuming bird? The cleric told that they can remain silent. In the wake of asking from cup of fire I will stop for a minute had happened to consuming bird told the cleric.

                                              So the minister came at cup of fire and he droped a cheat in the cup of fire. The cup of fire addressed that crafted by undetectable feline is imperceptible by privateers of the island by the side of our realm Sada.

Then, at that point, minister talk with the endlessly privateers told yes it was crafted by him.

So the round of investigating world by the consuming bird was finished.


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