Game To Improve Brain Intelligence

Do you like playing games. The game turned out not only to be a media to entertain. But it can also increase brain intelligence. Many people with minimum intelligence have hard with school exams. Until they have to experience many failures. But this is not really their fault. In fact, success itself is built on the basis of how often people practice. Games that seem simple can actually provide benefits for us. The game below is a game that is believed to increase a brain intelligence :

1. Jigsaw

A game where you have to put pieces of a puzzle together into a box. The more you play jigsaw, your memory will increase. Because you definitely have to remember each initial image before being randomized.

2. Doodle Jump

Even if it's just a game of jumping on the ground continuously. This game can train your accuracy. Because if the doodle doesn't manage to step on moving ground he will die.

3. Crossword

In this game we are required to fill in the vertical and horizontal boxes with the questions provided. With it, our knowledge of vocabulary will be wider. Because we will be trained to answer every general question provided without realizing it.

4. Piano Tiles

Simply by typing the moving piano. While listening to the rhythmic strains of music. Your concentration can definitely increase because of this game. Because we definitely rely on our eyes and ears to win the game.

Try the game above if you are interested. Then your intelligence will definitely increase. You really can't see it in a few days. Wait a few months and see the results. There's nothing wrong with asking your friends to look for other recommendations besides the game above. But just playing games without being accompanied by frequent reading is not right. Although according to the size of the psychological test, everyone's brain is not the same. Low, average, and above average. But with diligent practice you can get satisfactory results. So what are you waiting for to start playing the game. Invite your friends wherever they are to make it more exciting.


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