Gaming: passion or madness?

I know there are many gamers among the readers of this blog, even I am a gamer and we should talk more about this category of IT. Below I will show you, from my vision, how many types are gamers. Not to confuse saying that a gamer is a closed person or who does not know how to socialize. This is not the case at all and, therefore, I ask the esteemed public to give 5 minutes to read this article.

Casual players

This category of gamers does not spend their time especially with video games but do not hesitate to try from time to time a game for relaxation. Most of this category play online games made in Flash, Browser Based MMOs or games on the phone / tablet, but there are also those who install a more serious game on their PC and play it to the end, either I also sign up for a game session with friends on the network.

These people do not have a passion for games, video games being just a way to kill boredom when they have nothing else to do in their free time. Sometimes it also happens to such a player to come across a game that will "attract" him and for a period of time to think only about what he will do in that game and how he will finish it, but after finishing it, or after getting stuck in a level, they will abandon the game.

Gaming enthusiasts

This includes me. For passionate gamers, video games are more than just a way to spend their free time. It is already a hobby. These are the ones who play in order to relax or become professionals on a certain style.

A gaming enthusiast is a little stricter and more pretentious about what he plays. They can tell the difference between a good game and an extremely bad one. For example, Portal is a great game, while Metin 2 (like any other Korean MMO) is very stupid, in my opinion. First of all, a gaming enthusiast will not be fooled by the attractive graphics, the enormous price of the game, or the amount of blood and mate that flows from the butchered virtual opponents.


An avid gamer values ​​gameplay and storytelling. The story matters. It must attract you through well-defined characters and make you continue it to find out more. A good game is one in which you become the man of action and everything revolves around you.


Let's go back to gamers. Passionate are also those people who end up buying a game just so as not to destroy the video game industry through piracy. They can also live without games, but as long as the PC works and they are at home, they play.

Gambling obsessions

Finally, I have reached this category where I am sure that many of you have reached, being cataloged by your friends who, out of lack of knowledge, have criticized you to the point of breaking your head. This includes people who are not very sociable. The fact that they are not sociable is due to personality or past traumas. Here the games only fill the gaps and the lack of communication.


This category also includes insensitive gamers. This species of gamers is found especially in MMOs and shooters where they think they are superheroes and omniscient, aiming only to increase the level and perfect the reflexes to succeed in dominating everyone. In case they team up with less experienced gamers, they use insults and criticism for every mistake.


Obsessions often neglect their tasks. Forget that they need food in their desperate attempt to impose themselves in a non-existent world where you relax.

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waw for me i dont like 🙃

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