Garden on a windowsill: six fruit-bearing plants that are easy to grow at home

Some houseplants not only look spectacular, beautifully bloom and have a pleasant fragrance, but also bear fruit. There are indoor fruit crops that are quite easy to take care of in apartment conditions. And in some cases you can even get a good harvest. 



Dwarf varieties are guaranteed to bear fruit. As a rule, you can get 10 - 20 fruits per year from one tree, they appear in 3 - 5 years after planting. Room lemon likes light and heat, but in winter it is better to cover the radiator. To make the tree feel well in conditions of a short daylight, it can be additionally illuminated with special phytolamps. 



Growing a pineapple at home is very simple. You need to cut the top with leaves from the fruit and root it in a mixture of peat and sand under polyethylene. Then the plant should be transplanted into soil, an ideal mixture of leaf humus, sod soil and sand. The pineapple needs a large pot. The optimum temperature for it is +25 degrees, and it should also be sprinkled periodically. 



Dwarf varieties of oranges require almost the same growing conditions as lemons. But they do not like direct sunlight, so it is better not to put the pot near a sunny window. Also, the room orange likes moisture. To keep the tree beautiful shape, it should be pruned. If you want to get the fruit faster, the orange tree should be grafted from the fruit-bearing, writes the portal "Home". 


Pomegranate .

It grows up to a meter in height, looks spectacular, blooms beautifully. To achieve fruit, it is better to pollinate the flowers by hand with a small brush. Indoor varieties of pomegranate love light and heat, the ideal temperature for them is +23 ... +25 degrees. Propagate the plant better by cuttings. 



It is easy to grow from a seed. Before planting, the seed should be peeled from the shell and stick the blunt end into the ground, and then stretch polyethylene on top. Avocados can grow very large and beautiful. But it is very difficult to achieve flowering in apartment conditions. 



It is easy to root by twigs. Figs will be guaranteed to bear fruit in the apartment as well. You need to take care of it in the same way as with citrus fruits. However, you should remember that figs drop their leaves in the fall, since it is a deciduous tree. In winter it is important to give it a dormant period, put it in the coolest place and rarely water.


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