Ghost islands on old maps pt. 3 Island of the Blessed Hai-Brasil

Legends say that wizards, heroes of the past and sages live here. This is a fabulous place where there is immortality, and people never grow old. The inhabitants of the island do not get sick, there is no suffering or misery. Many believed in the existence of the island of High Brasil and tried to find it. Some even put it on geographic maps (since 1325). They said that only a select few can get there. The island appears only once every 7 years.

Captain John Nisbet and his crew even managed to visit the mysterious island in 1674. His ship was heading from France to Ireland, sailing in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. It was a rocky, medium-sized island. They managed to visit the stone castle. His master turned out to be a wizard. He was hospitable, and at parting he presented a handful of old silver and gold coins. The captain and crew members saw huge black rabbits and extraordinarily beautiful nature on the island.


The epic with the island continued into the 19th century. A certain Thomas Westropp from Ireland visited Brazil three times in 1872. He was so fascinated by the island that he decided to visit it again with friends and family. Perhaps, and move there to live. However, as soon as they approached the island on a ship, it disappeared in front of everyone. Then he appeared and disappeared again. As if someone was playing cat and mouse with them. After this incident, the British authorities decided to remove Brazil from the maps. Now the island has remained for many an unattainable place from the legend.


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