Ghost islands on old maps pt. 4 Mountain Penglai Island in China

Many dreamed of getting to such an island, so they diligently looked for it. It was not even a matter of fabulous riches, but of the opportunity to receive eternal youth and life. The Chinese Emperor Qin Shi Huang (3rd century) showed great interest in this island. He did not want to grow old and die, so he sent an expedition for the fruits of immortality.

It was headed by the alchemist Xu Fu. But they all disappeared without a trace. According to some historians, the expedition did not disappear. They simply could not find the island-mountain Penglai, so they decided not to return, fearing the emperor's anger and reprisals. But they settled on the Japanese islands, which they managed to find.

It is known that the port city of Penglai was founded in 1378. It was located in one of the provinces of China, Shandong. The city is located in a fabulous place where nature enchants. There is an opinion that in the old days this place was inhabited by immortal people. And on the hills there were houses of gold, trees with fruits grew there, giving eternal youth and life.






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