Give space to your partner for a healthy relationship

Most of the young couples do not understand why 'space' is vey important in a relationship. We get so much attached to our husbands or boyfriends that we actually stick to them always making the relationship suffocating. 

How are Men different from Women in terms of giving 'space' ??

This happens mainly with ladies. They do not want to leave their partners for a second alone. Ladies want attention from their male partners always. There are exceptions, though. But we need to understand that Men are different from women. Their mindset and thinking process is different from that of a woman. They need some space and they also need their besties and friends other than their wives or girlfriends in order to relax completely. 

This actually creates a lot of misunderstanding between the couple because they do not understand that they need space for their relationship. 

Citing a situation to prove why 'space' in a relationship is important

Sometimes ocassional trips by one of the partners to their friends place or parents house or other places may actually rejuvenate and freshen the relationship. Actually this ocassional distancing between the couple draws them closer to each other.. But we try to draw out partners by always being close to them, calling them at workplace thousand times, wassuping them almost every hour and just not giving them their own 'me' time. Every body needs their own sweet time to relax in whatever way they want. Even girls want their space. But it has been shown by studies that guys require friendly chats and buddy meets frequently thasn girls . They can be the most romantic to their wives and girlfriends if they can chill out with their buddies ocasionally. Men require that kind of space which they totally want to enjoy with their male friends.

There is nothing wrong in this and infact this is the most healthy way that a man can have a healthy and balanced relationship with their partners. 

Do women also need that much 'space' as required by a man??

Now the same applies for women also. They also need their girlie taks and chit chats with their buddies , but most of the guys are cool with that except few guys who are very possesive. But bothways, space is a very important requirement for the relationship to blossom. And many relationship get destroyed because of the lack of space. The relationship seems to become boring and dull and very monotonous if this space giving is not practiced. 

Explaining biologically why 'Space' is required for all of us

Actually its the habit of human being to experience changes in life. And if they are not allowed to explore changes and new things in life apart from love life , work life and family life, the freshness in the relationship dies out soon. Men and women both needs to explore their lives in their own ways even after being a couple. And at the end of the day they should enjoy sharing their experiences with each other. And this actually spices up the life of both of them. 


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