Gluhwein is a winter hot alcoholic drink that consists of wine heated to 70-80°C, sugar, and spices. In the olden days in the northern part of Germany at Christmas markets and festivals, which were held outdoors, it was customary to drink wine to keep warm and lift your spirits. But someone came up with the idea of heating the wine and adding spices to it, which was both pleasant and gave a double effect on warming.


Many people do not know how to make mulled wine at home, and buy semi-finished products in packages. I advise you to prepare it yourself, creatively, so I will tell you how to make mulled wine at home. Especially since the recipe for mulled wine at home is no different from a restaurant recipe, except that you choose your own wine and other ingredients, rather than trusting the restaurant. So, here's a recipe for homemade mulled wine with orange.




1) red dry wine 750 ml

2)water 100 ml

3) orange 1 pc.

4) sugar 2 tablespoons

5) cinnamon 1 stick

6) ground ginger 1 tsp.

7) cloves 5 buds

8) nutmeg 1/4 tsp.

9) cardamom 3 seeds

10) horseradish 2 stars


- Usually an inexpensive red dry or semi-dry wine is used for mulled wine. Or, for example, the wine that for some reason you do not like, let's say seemed to you very sour or too tart, for mulled wine it is perfect. It is not necessary to buy very expensive luxury wines for making mulled wine, because by adding spices and fruits to the wine, it will lose the entire bouquet of flavors. But you should not buy very cheap wines either.


- Try to use whole spices, not ground, because ground spices make the mulled wine cloudy and harder to filter. Still, if you can't find cinnamon in sticks, replace it with half a teaspoon ground.


- Same with cardamom: you can substitute with a quarter teaspoon of ground cardamom.


- Mandatory spices in mulled wine are cinnamon and cloves. So if you do not have cardamom, ginger or badjan, then just do not use them, the flavor bouquet, of course, will be poorer, but it will still be quite spicy and pleasant. In general, with the composition of homemade mulled wine you can experiment, add other spices and fruits that you like. For example, orange or lemon peel, allspice, and put honey instead of sugar.


- If you want a sweeter drink, you can add another spoonful of sugar. Based on your own taste.




Prepare all the necessary ingredients. Orange wash.

homemade mulled wine recipe


Put all the spices in a saucepan or small pot and add 100 ml of water, then stir together.

mulled wine recipe


Bring to the boil, simmer for a minute, remove from the stove and allow to stand for 10 minutes.

homemade mulled wine recipe


The resulting decoction strain through a sieve or gauze into a separate bowl. Rinse the pot with water and pour the decoction into it.

homemade mulled wine recipe


Cut into thin rings one orange.

homemade mulled wine recipe


In a pot add wine (750 ml), sugar (2 tbsp.) and sliced orange, stir. This addition of the orange is one option. It is quite acceptable to simply cut the orange into two halves and squeeze the juice from it directly into the pot. But that's not as authentic. Heat the mulled wine, stirring, to a temperature of 70-80 ° C. Boiling the wine is not recommended, as the light aromatic alcohols will volatilize when boiling, while the heavy alcohols will remain, and the taste of alcohol may appear. Remove from the stove.

homemade mulled wine recipe


Leave to infuse under a closed lid for 2-3 minutes, then serve in tall clear glasses or ceramic cups that retain heat. The classic mulled wine at home is ready! Drink it quickly while it's hot. Reheated mulled wine loses its aroma and flavor. So, if you do not have company, it is better to prepare small portions and drink at once. Enjoy your appetite!


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