Go away! Men of the zodiac who overreact to cheating

That's how you get away with it, and now you're broke, without a husband, without a lover. And there's nothing to do here, you know, to have an affair and think that you will be understood and forgiven. And in general, to work on two fronts is not nice and aesthetically pleasing. Well, Othello nervously smokes on the sidelines and watches how angry because of the cheating Aries, Leo, Scorpio, and Pisces.


The spouse only shot her eyes at a passerby. And Aries is already looking for a gun to ... no, not to shoot himself, but to punish the cheater and this very passerby. I wonder if the fact of adultery will be recorded? It is frightening to imagine the consequences.


What's that you're shaking about? That's not thunder, that's Leo shouting, figuring things out with his cheating wife. Good thing they live on the first floor, and the flight of the unfaithful wife ended only with broken glass and broken flowers in the flowerbed. And in general Leo treated this lady gently and out of confusion just threw her out the window.


A public trial, a duel, poison in his coffee-what are you talking about? Scorpio will certainly retaliate, but he can also wait too long to avenge an affair. This zodiac sign may just "turn off" his mind, and then he'll do what he has to do - like crack the marital bed with his feet (or an axe), tear up pictures of the couple together.


"Get out!" the usually quiet Pisces shouts and throws the unfaithful mate out the door... along with the door. Pisces will get rid of traces of the insidious girlfriend on the same day and will even turn her toothbrush into dust. Or he will beat his spouse and will not feel remorse. And this Pisces is still calm, but you better not know how he will be in anger.


The people who had the courage to cuckold the creatures of these four can only be sympathized.Cheating isn't good, and it's silly to be offended because you were punished for stepping out and reacting the wrong way.


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