Go Away Vandalism

"Fcuk." Gwen sighed as she slammed the door of the police car, her partner towing behind her to open her passenger door. "Well Gwendolyn, could have been a little.. patient." Gwen rolled her eyes and looked to her side, her black walkie sat between her cupped hand. "Shut up." She took a sniff in and looked at the ground, swallowed and cleared her throat then walked up to the destination and cleared her throat again, knocking on the door very softly. The dressed detective  next to her  pulled over a deep smile. Could knock a little... harder. She stepped back to smile at her partner to her side and swallowed again, ringing the bell. "Just shut up." Whispers this round, sending her eyes to the opening door ahead of her. Gwen smiled friendly enough, looking again to her partner, her tongue traced her bottom lip and she walked inside. "Thank you. Gwendolyn Jimenez. Stunning, stunning interior." The partner, Gregg, nodded, sending his eyes to the blonde woman. Hello, I'm the detective. Call me Gregg." He mentioned centered around his entrance, rubbing his thumb down his cheek as his observant eyes traced the room, the other hand with small luggage. Gwen's eyes tracked Nell's position, watching her posture from top to bottom, all apart of her skill. I'll be dusting for prints and checking any shoe leftovers, guiding this lady here with her process. Gwen briefly poked out a tiny smile that found Gregg's footing alone. Anything else taken that you noticed, except the rings?
Gwen looked over to Nell, clearing her throat again. "No thank you, I don't drink on the job. I appreciate your offer." Definitely. Anything strong. I can take the wildest beers without a wince. He chuckled, looking down from the blonde woman when Gwen cleared her throat. "Officer Gwen," she extended her hand to Nell. "You will be seeing me mostly through the investigation. I will be searching for any motive I might locate on scene by looks of similar break ins, take pictures. Ask questions, a little interview. And get a few suspects. We can always cross out anyone who doesn't end up under suspicion in the end, and we will find them eventually. Like soon, eventually. I never had a buglary go cold." Her hands drew together below her chin while she smiled, she's waiting for anything to be said before continuing to work.
Gregg peeked around, walking away to look around, putting his feet into blue net bagged booties. He laughed through his nose, his words louder. "This is an amateur statement here." He buzzed about the dick drawings. "Seems more like an angry ex mate." There was the kicked in Irish accent as he kneeled down, observing. Gwen furrowed her brows, whispering to Nell with her hands still in place after watching Gregg assemble to tools from the bag. "Think I will take that drink." Replacing her pupils away, they fell to Nell, "thank you," again a whisper. Just after she could see the next woman leaving, Gwen went to fetch the booties and blue examination gloves, walking back to her spot, she leaned to her knees, bending over and checking out carpet spot with her keen eyes. "There's red here, could be blood." Gregg stood from his feet, checking his camera, gloved hands. Or not. Markings drippings. Gwen sucked her teeth, "Whatever it is, it's not putting us behind. Bring the UV and your camera. Work with me, move where I move." She signaled her fingers, angling points to the directions, eyes to bag, camera to a finger swirl. She reached for the UV he passed, her 20/20 vision not sparkling or not quite 20/20 and used it to spot what they needed at this point. "Not blood. It's the paint shit that's on the wall." She sighed, crawling on the floor, inching higher on her feet and hands. We're going to be here all day. Followed by his complaint she rolled her eyes. "Go ahead of me. Pictures and dusting." They were sweeter- she was sweeter off the job but with the attitude he  eased on, her responsive attitude made him enjoy her, more than a business partner. "Then you can fcuk off."


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