God sent hippos to punish humanity

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You wanna know the funny part about that video. Hippos normally don’t swim. They’re so heavy that they sink to the bottom. So they usually just walk along the Lake floor. That hippo was literally sprinting underwater towards that boat. [unfortunately you might not be able to see the video. You can as well just search for hippo sprinting towards boat to get the idea. Toddles;)]

I don’t know what the hell got Moto Moto so motivated, but all I saw was malicious intent. Hippos aren’t just the most aggressive animals in Africa. They’re one of the most homicidal things to ever have a pulse. Not only can they clap crocodiles in half, these Bundy horses will Merk animals that are literally zero threat to them. This hippos straight up Domitor anal for no reason.

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Then I guess the poor animals breathing too loud and the hippo chose death penalty. Also, this is what happens when a lion tests the hippos hood. They have one of the most devastating over bites of any animal with a bite force of about 12 600 kPa of force. Respectfully, but if you’ve ever seen one violated watermelon, you already knew that in an area code with elephants, hyenas and Buffalo, hippos are the most on sight and a lay 500 people to rest permanently a year. But God can help you if they catch you in the water because…..

They’ve been known to capsize small boats, small anyone that falls in either by drowning them, chewing them into human Apple sauce straight up, sailing them whole and don’t think you FINA get on their good side. This man adopted an orphan baby hippo only to get brutally mauled and mutilated by the same hippo in the same river. He rescued it from the wild, hippos have no soul. He answered to no God moral of this video. If you ever see a hippo yawn, you could be the one going to sleep.

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Well, if you’re reading this, it means community Guidelines hasn’t taken my ass yet and you probably want to know what in the hub this Xrated Pokemon is it’s nerdy also known as a ribbon warm. And that nonsense. You just look at this. How they Hunt? The worm shoots out its proboscis, which it uses to wrapper on his prey in Mobile s. 

It was sticky, toxic secretions only to end the nightmare by pulling it back into its mouth. The proboscis is a long tube used for eating that normally sits in the worms guts. But when it wants to catch a body, it forces the proboscis out of its mouth. Some of them are branch, just like in this video. It’s kind of like how chameleons eat their tongues, natheme.


Except this worm looks like Spiderman busting out the next generation. They’re not incredibly dangerous to people, but they do have crippling anxiety, because if you take one out of the water for more than ten minutes, its body would literally fall apart. No cap. These pieces are actually one worm. It technically doesn’t kill the worm, but it is a sign of high stress. [Image above]

So if you don’t want to stress a worm and you don’t want to look like someone left a liquid day. Can you leave it the hell alone? Respectfully. I don’t think enough of society realizes just how big these turtles get. That is the biggest shell shock. Give them all the leatherback sea turtle.

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This turtle can Max out at 7ft long and violate the scales at one £500 for reference, that’s about as heavy as some American male bison. The largest leather back ever found was on Harlock Beach in Wales, who was almost 9ft long and 2016. That’s not the year. That’s how much the turtle weight £2016 or 914 kg. For those of you that aren’t American or used a metric system, which is really just saying not American twice. 

Even though they’re built like a refrigerator with flippers, they can reach speeds of 22 miles per hour while swimming. And you might be wondering why an animal that big would ever need to move that fast. But it’s so they can avoid Tiger Sharks, homicidal Oreo Dolphins are worst of all animals. Leatherbacks can live for 70 to 80 years and some even hit the century mark. 

You’d be surprised how long you live when you stay. Anyways thank you for reading this till the end. Stay tuned for the continuation and more casual learning.



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