GODL earnings without investment. Earnings in euros!

German site GODL.

Those who want to really make money on the Internet without investments and deception. Receipt and withdrawal of funds in euros. Earn money from clicks, video views and more. Work for students, unemployed, retirees who are just starting to learn how to make money on the Internet. Great opportunities to increase your success and make money.

The Godl.de project provides many options for earning money.
In this project, you can:
  • Surf by hand
  • Working with autosurfing
  • Read letters
  • Perform tasks in search engines
  • Play games
  • Complete tasks on YouTube
  • View banners
  • Watch the video
  • Complete tasks on Facebook
This project provides opportunities for any kind of earnings on the Internet.
Godl.de characteristics:
  • Hand surfing - yes
  • Autosurfing - yes
  • Separate autosurf program - no
  • Reading letters - yes
  • Completing assignments - yes
  • The system currency is Euro.
  • Withdrawal of funds - PayPal; Payeer
  • Promotion of your site - yes
  • Prevent launch from multiple IP addresses - no
  • Payment confirmation - yes
  • Average earnings in a car service without referrals per month is 2-3 €.
To register, follow the link → registration
The service is German, therefore all pages in the service are in German. For those using the Chrome browser, this is not a problem. has a built-in translator.
We fill in the registration form:
  • Email - Your mail (enter the mail from your PayPal account to which you want to withdraw money)
  • Greeting - Gender (Male or Female)
  • First name + Last name - Your first and last name.
  • Postal address - enter the street in the first field, and the house number in the second.
  • Postal code + city - in the first field we indicate the postal code, and in the second - the city.
  • country - country of residence.
  • Birthday is the date of your birth.
After filling in these fields, you can click "Register".
A letter will be sent to the mail with registration data and details for accessing your account. Be sure to follow the link from the letter through the "Freischaltung" button. This will activate your account on the system.
And you find yourself in your personal account.
The first thing you need to do is elevate and increase your success.
SUCCESS is the main indicator of your activity in the project. You can see how to increase it on your personal account page by clicking on the INCREASE button.
You will immediately be taken to a page where it is written in detail what needs to be done to increase your SUCCESS.


Autosurfing Godl works by adding its own surfing link in Chrome, Firefox or any other browser. Everything is exactly the same as in the projects Alexamaster, Alexasurfing and Ebesucher. Surfing starts in a separate browser tab and does not require any management or installation of additional extensions.
First you need to find a link. To do this, in the upper left corner of your account, select the menu item "Earn" -> "Site - transitions".
In the window that appears, your link to autosurf will be indicated.
You need to click on the second item and you will automatically open the autosurf and surfing sites panel.


  • viewing banners, videos, sites, letters
  • transitions from search engines to specific sites
  • autosurfing
  • work in social networks
  • play games on the site
  • fulfillment of advertisers' tasks.

And for all these tasks you will receive euros!


At the beginning of each month (usually on the 1st day), the money earned in the last month will be transferred to your general account.
You can see this on the INCOME page.


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