Going on a date: 5 phrases that will make you interesting to a girl. And the meeting will be effective

1. I have my own goals in life.

It's important for a man to have goals in life. Not to exist as a tumbleweed who doesn't know what he wants, but a goal-oriented man. A house, a family, travel, a career, investment success, a life in the middle of nowhere - it doesn't matter, you choose.

And it is important for a girl to see a man with a vector of development, not a lazy bum on the couch.

By the way, there should be goals for dating. If you say "I'm just dating", 90% of girls will reject you. Even if you don't want a relationship right now, say that your goal is friendship and a nice conversation in person. And if a family - then all the more reason to talk.

2. It's important for me to understand who and what you are looking for.

Ask the girl straight out what her goal is to meet. And also who she is looking for. A portrait of the man and her goals will tell you a lot about her, both good and worth thinking about.

An adequate reasonable girl will calmly and smilingly tell you what she needs and why. Will answer additional questions, share her desires, thoughts.

3. I have my own principles

A man who rests on principles, gives an impression of a thorough reliable man, solid and unshakable. Man without principles - like a shabby house, which only blow - he staggered.

Example: if you do not have a clear mental position who pays in a cafe, how much food you can order a girl, will you call her and write her first, etc. - you will be nervous and the girl will laugh at you or just disappear.

Honestly talk through your attitude towards paying for food in a cafe - do you pay or don't pay. Are you ready to date as a couple, or do you prefer freedom. Do you think that the man should be in charge of the family, etc.

4. you look great, I like that about you...

Where would you go without complimenting the girl you went on a date with? Since you met, it means you like her. Find something you genuinely like in the girl's appearance or clothes or behavior that evokes strong emotions - and tell her about it by looking her in the eyes.

It's important not to embarrass and mumble, but to say compliments calmly and confidently, then she will understand that everything is okay and will relax. And this means that it will be easier for you to communicate with her.

5. You can trust me

The key thing in an M-W relationship on the girl's part is to be calm and relaxed. If a woman trusts a man, sees that he is reasonable, pleasant, not aggressive, honest, then she feels good and is ready to open up. This means that she is ready to listen to the man, to do as he says and eventually to continue the communication and the meetings. Of course, so that it's good for both of them.

Of course, it should be not only words, but actions: help, support, sincere interest in the woman. Then the result will be sure.


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