Going to Sleep? Check These 13 Types of Sleep Wear for Sexy Ladies

Spa Wrap Top

A wrap around, off shoulder, long apparel worn during a spa treatment, the garment lets the body breathe, so many like to wear it as a nightdress as well.

Maxi Sleep Dress

An ankle length nightdress fits the body snugly on the top, while the rest of the garment is free flowing.


A soft and loose open front nightwear that you can wear it over a babydoll or chemise or any other nightwear.

Tank & Panty Set

The tank top is a sleeveless top with a low neck. A combination of tank top and panty has also become a popular sleepwear choice.

Long Chemise

A long slip like nightdress made up of comfortable fabric.

Jogger Sweatpants

These are pajamas that look smart and are comfortable to lounge around as well as sleep in.

Nursing Nightgown

A long slip like dress that has enough room to accommodate your growing body when you are pregnant. It also has front buttons or flaps that can let you breastfeed your baby without much hassle

Night Gown

A long, flowing dress that you can find in different lengths. They may have front buttons that come in handy for lactating mothers who need to feed their babies.

Bralette Top & Short Set

Bralette is a soft, unstructured bra that often extends a bit downwards to your torso. Bralette top and short sets have become a popular sleepwear set.


Comfortable long shirts of varying lengths that you can wear to your bed are called nightshirt. They come in soft fabric, and there are different styles and prints to choose from. You can also wear one on your day off when you just want to lay back, drink coffee, and chill!

Cami Shorts set

Sleepwear that consists of a loose camisole or spaghetti top and a comfortable pair of shorts. It comes in a variety of fabrics; you can buy cute cotton cami shorts or go for sexy satin ones.


Loosely fitted nightwear that comes in varying lengths. You can wear them right after your bath before you finally get dressed, or put them on for a comfortable night.

Tops And Pants Pajama Set

This set consists of a comfortable pajama and a loose fitted top made of soft fabric. It also makes for great loungewear for a lazy weekend.


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