Golden Principles of life

Every person's life is like a machine in which different changes happen at different times therefore, maintaining balance is real life.

The refreshment of the soul comes from faith and the refreshment of the body from the principles of hygiene.

The Principles of hygiene are as follows.

First Principles

 Make clean and transparent water an essential part of your life. Drink water, whether thirsty or not, as your body depends on water. Water plays a vital role in cleansing the body; its deficiency causes many diseases, so drink at least two liters of water a day.

The second Principles

 Walking and participating in any sport is one of the most important principles of hygiene. If possible, make walking a routine to look healthy and energetic.

The third Principles

 Eat as little food as possible Always eats when you're hungry. Don't live to eat, but eat to live; Try to eat foods high in protein and carbohydrates. Avoid eating fast food, and eat more mixed fruit.

The fourth Principles

 Use the stairs more than the elevator, because walking up and down the stairs uses every joint of the body and increases the movement of the body's muscles, and this will prevent the production of excess fats in the body.

 The fifth Principles

 Let go of the anger. Let yourself be worried.

Anger and worry eat away at a person's body and soul, causing a person to fall physically and spiritually day after day. Refresh your mind and help your thoughts grow positively. Add positive thinking people in your life because they like thought as action.

The Sixth Principles

Don't feel sorry for anyone, don't mourn for something you can't have, or try to ignore the things you don't have. It will become easy and peaceful; the fewer desires, life will be calm.

The Seventh Principles

Being humble, and having money, prestige, power, and influence, are the things that create arrogance in a person, and arrogance eats a person, and a person remains alone. There will come a time when he gets tired of himself, so embrace humility, as it is something that attracts people to you.

The eighth Principles

If your hair has turned gray, it doesn't mean your life is over. Gray hair is proof that you have started a better life, still hoping, live the memories, and enjoy yourself and your surroundings.

 If someone stops giving you importance, you should stop complaining. Remember that being available all the time, lingering, and complaining all the time diminishes your importance.

Strengthen your heart and stop expecting everyone to understand you; Not everything is suitable for everyone, some people are only curious. Not everyone can comprehend everything. Only he who understands can understand. Those who love you know your feelings, so do not expect from anyone. You should explain all your problems,   sorrows, and needs to Allah Almighty. Indeed, there is no Savior more compassionate than this Merciful Allah.

If you have to lose something in life, remember two lines


There is no sorrow for what is lost, but what you have, is no less.


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