Good nutrition for a healthy lifestyle

Good nutrition for a healthy lifestyle: the rules for a balanced diet


"You eat what you eat" - about the meaning of this winged phrase of Hippocrates, as well as about the direct impact of the quality of nutrition on health has not thought about the only person who is completely indifferent to his lifestyle. Even ardent fans of fast food in the depths of their souls realize that the diet would be nice to change ...


In a healthy body - a healthy mind: why it's important to follow the rules of healthy eating

The human body gets almost all the necessary substances through food and water. The composition and properties of food directly affect health, physical development, ability to work, emotional state and, in general, the quality and duration of life. It is difficult to find another factor that has such a serious impact on the human body.


For the record

According to some scientists, the physical health by 50% depends on the way of life, which includes the nature of human nutrition. Heredity and the environment account for 20% each, and only 10% is the level of medical care[1].

eating habits

Failure to follow a diet can disrupt the bacterial balance of the gut microflora, which is often reflected in skin conditions.

Why does gut health affect the beauty of my skin?

Nutrition is involved in all of the body's vital functions. It is the source of tissue and cell development, their constant renewal, saturation of human energy. Incorrect nutrition, whether excessive or insufficient, can cause considerable harm to human health at any age. This is expressed in a decrease in the level of physical and mental development, rapid fatigability, inability to resist the adverse environmental factors, reduced efficiency, and even premature aging and reduced life expectancy. By the way, every woman who looks after herself knows that the condition of her skin directly depends on the condition of the digestive system, in particular the intestines, and therefore on a healthy diet.


But what exactly is the right way to eat? There are many theories about this, and new ones seem to appear almost daily. Someone advocates the complete renunciation of meat, someone proclaims raw food as a panacea for all ills and troubles, and someone develops a combination of products, supposedly allowing the body to achieve complete nutritional harmony. In fact, any dietary restrictions can hardly be considered healthy and acceptable for everyone. The human body is a very complex system; it requires both meat and plant foods to function properly. Lack of nutrients found in meat, such as high bioavailability iron, can cause serious health problems. Proper nutrition is not about controlling calories and rigid diets, but about providing the body with a complete diet, which includes all the necessary foods for it: meat, cereals, vegetables and fruits. Selection of the diet - one of the main tasks in good nutrition, but no less important is to follow it every day. If you follow the basic rules of healthy eating not from time to time, but constantly, you don't have to worry about excess weight, reduced immunity, problems with hair, skin and health in general.


The principles of healthy eating: everyone should know it!

Where to begin? First of all, with a firm decision to eat right. Here are some simple rules that almost all modern nutrition science relies on and that will help you quickly master the principles of a healthy diet.




Healthy Eating

Improper nutrition contributes to an imbalance of gut microflora.

What to do?

Rule #1. Forget about fast food forever and try not to abuse sweets.

Rule #2. Eat as much seasonal food as possible-they contain maximum nutrients. Winter vegetables and fruits, grown in greenhouses or brought from far away, because of the treatment with chemicals and long storage, not only lose all the benefits, but also become accumulators of nitrates and other harmful chemical compounds.

Rule #3. Limit as much as possible the consumption of refined products: sugar, vegetable oil, white wheat flour, refined white rice. They have no fiber, which is very important for the digestive tract, as well as to feed the beneficial bacteria living in the intestines. That is why it is much better to eat whole grain bread instead of white bread, and replace refined sugar with brown sugar or even honey.

Rule #4. Drink water. Tea, coffee and juices are no substitute for water. The body must receive not less than 30-35 ml of liquid per 1 kg of weight per day. Sweet sodas are completely forbidden, they contain too much sugar.

Rule number 5. Do not forget about protein food. They can give a long-term feeling of fullness and are also rich in amino acids. Protein is needed by the body to build muscle tissue and to replace worn-out cells. 


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