Goodbye Marvel: Wyatt Russell and Andrew Garfield end their era as superheroes

The world of superheroes is hard to beat and Marvel knows it. Well, it was not for nothing that it became one of the most successful franchises in recent times. And, for that same reason, all those who have passed through his studio have already been marked by his performances. Such is the case of personalities like Andrew Garfield, who was Peter Parker in The Amazing Spider-Man saga.

Despite the fact that today the youngest Marvel superhero is now the work of Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield knew how to bring this role to life between 2012 and 2014, thus catapulting himself to international fame. However, now, long ago he left that life behind and on his resume there are more than one movie and one series that are worth seeing. For this reason, now, another new project has been added. Although, it should be noted that this time he will not do it alone, but will be in the company of Wyatt Russell. The actor who, while having an extensive career, rose to international fame for his role as hero / villain in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Playing John Walker, the supposed replacement for Captain America, he managed to earn both the hatred and applause of many fans.

And now, both Andrew Garfield and Wyatt Russell, even though they did not share work at Marvel, will be united by a new series. This is Under the Banner of Heaven, a strip that is based on the New York Times bestseller and follows the story of Detective Pyre, an officer who suffers debates of faith.

According to the official synopsis, "The faith of a devoted detective is put to the test as he investigates a brutal murder that appears to be related to the spiral of an esteemed Utah family into LDS fundamentalism and their trust in the government." Although, it is still unknown what the role of the two former members of Marvel will be, everything indicates that they will be in the main cast and that they will enchant thousands under the direction of David Mackenzie.

Of course, at the moment there is no official release date for this new work by Andrew Garfield and Russell, but apparently it will only arrive next year. In addition, it is also expected to be available on HULU, after it airs on FX, one of FOX's subsidiaries and which also belongs to Disney.


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