Google assistant can control your phone?

Here I am talking about Google assistant. Ok, if you already enable this setting then you don't need to follow these settings.


  • Steps to enable Google Assistant.
  • What can control Google Assistant?

Google Assistant;

As the report from Google official, Google Assistant is a voice-accessible artificial intelligence made by Google designed for smartphones, tablets, Chromebooks & other voice-accessing devices.

The main purpose of Google assistant is to search the web, surf the internet & give the best results to users. Also, it can control most of the functions of your devices. It is activated by saying "Hey Google & Ok Google"



credit: third party image referenceSteps to enable Google Assistant;



Don't bother with which android version of the phone you have, you can enable Google assistant on any android devices. Just open play store > search Google services & update > then update those apps you want to use through Google assistant > restart your phone.



credit: third party image referenceYou must have an internet connection, then tap on the home bottom for a second > tap on "Explore" button, from the right lower corner of your phone > go to your account or tap on photo icon from right upper corner > tap on settings > you can find assistant option, tap on this to enable.



If step-1 is not done, then go to your inbuilt Google app > tap on more icon > settings > tap on assistant & click to enable this.

What can control Google assistant?

  • This can control your apps, if you want to open any app then say "Hey Google or Ok Google" & again say which app you want to open.
  • Help you to remember alarm, reminders & time.
  • You can make calls or messages by saying the name of the person you want to call or message.
  • You can find any location you want.
  • If Google translate is installed on your phone, you can translate any language that Google translate support.
  • Play music saying "Ok Google, play music".

Almost Google assistant can control all the functions of your device, but remember first of all connect to the internet before using Google assistant.


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