Google Assistant Celebrates Its 5th Birthday

Google celebrates the fifth Google Assistant birthday. First launched in 2016, Google Assistant has become a part of everyday life of millions of people around the world.


Google Assistant has helped answer billions of questions, send millions of messages, make millions of recipes, regulate billions of reminders, and much more, just rely on the user's voice.


Initially, Google Assistant only offered two sounds available on Google Home Speakers and Pixel phones. But now, after being available in more than 90 countries and almost 30 languages, Google Assistant offers 10 sounds that can be chosen to work with more than 100 million smart home devices, including lights, security systems, and thermostats.


Google Assistant brings together all the technologies that Google has built for years. Starting from the knowledge graph to natural language processing. One of their latest breakthroughs is when applying Bert or Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers.


Through this technology, Google Assistant can understand longer context and dialogue and allow users to have a conversation back and forth with Google Assistant naturally.


"We first found this technology in 2018 and brought it to search to make it able to process words related to all other words in one sentence, rather than having to be one by one. Because of the development of this technology, Google Assistant can now respond to almost 100% accurate on alarms And reminders, "said Yuri Purinsky Director Product Management Google quoted from the official page.


Google Assistant is currently used by millions of people in the world. Like an assistant, Google Assistant can do various tasks with voice commands. Starting from making appointments, finding locations, providing information, help find recipes, and much more.


In the latest version, Google Assistant is known to be able to help when someone is driving. Just by saying 'Hey Google, Let's Drive', Google Assistant can help users navigate with the appearance of driving mode.


This driving mode display will certainly make it easier for users to focus on the streets without turning too often to the mobile screen to find the way.


Even so, this driving experience with Google Assistant is still released in English, German, Spanish, French and Italian. Countries that still access them new United States, Australia, Canada, Ireland, India, Singapore, England, Germany, Spain, Mexico, France and Italy.


In the future, they will try so that this feature can be felt by Google Assistant users in other countries. Recently Google Assistant also worked with Honda to build the Google system in the vehicle.


The user will not have to bother opening or needing a cellphone if you want to access Google Maps, Google Assistant, or Google Play. After Honda, they target other companies such as Ford, General Motors, Polestars, Renault, and Volvo Cars to cooperate in the future.


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