Google introduced Android 12L

The public rollout of Android 12 (for Pixel phones) began last week. And if usually Google pleases with one big OS release a year, this time the company decided to change plans and announced another OS version - Android 12L. It is designed for foldable devices, tablets and Chrome OS, that is, for all devices with large screens, writes 9to5Google.
The differences from the standard Android 12 start with the user interface. Device owners can take advantage of the two-column layout to maximize space on the larger screen. For example, on the lock screen, the left column will display the time and date and standard settings, while the right column will show incoming notifications.
Android 12L paid a lot of attention to multitasking to make it, as Google writes, "more powerful and intuitive." There's a new taskbar on larger screens that makes it easier to switch between apps, and a quick switch to split-screen mode makes it easy to drag and drop apps side-by-side.
App compatibility has also been tweaked, with visual improvements and stability in Android 12L making apps, including mail, look better. Developers will be able to adjust the position of the inset window, apply custom rounded corners and more.
Android 12L will be available to the general public "early next year," and the first developer beta (there will be three in total) should be available as early as this December. Developers of the Lenovo P12 Pro, a 12.6-inch OLED tablet powered by a Snapdragon 870 with 6/8GB of RAM, will be the first to get a preview version of Android 12L.
Google confirms that Android 12L features will soon appear in the Galaxy Z Fold3 as well.


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