Google is preparing for the release of smartwatches Pixel Watch: the network appeared their high-quality images

For several years now there have been rumors online that Google is going to release a branded smartwatch, the Pixel Watch. Now this has been confirmed by insider Jon Prosser. He even showed how the new product will look like.

What is known

So, according to the leak, the watch goes by the code name Rohan. It will get a round display with thin bezels and one control button. Also, the gadget will be equipped with straps with an unusual clasp, non-standard mounts and different colors. According to the informant, at the start there will be about 20 pieces.


Naturally, Google plans to use Wear OS as the operating system. It will be specially improved and refined. Unfortunately, the insider does not know the specifications of the device, but it is possible that the watch will come with a proprietary Google processor. They will be able to track heart rate, as well as all sorts of activity.

When to expect

There's no exact release date for the Pixel Watch yet. Presumably, they will be released late this year or early next year


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