Google will slow down Chrome browser

Browser companies are continually pushing the envelope on speed. But Google does not forget approximately safety for Chrome, and that they admit they're inclined to slow Chrome down to attain it.

The Chrome crew stated it'd slow down the browser if it makes it more secure and slower. Basing at the information that 70% of all vulnerabilities are associated with reminiscence safety, the experts taken into consideration three alternatives to adjust the software: checking at some point of code compilation or execution as well as using a "safe" programming language.

The first option wasn't viable due to peculiarities of C++ language, so as an alternative, builders determined to use MiraclePtr project to show vital vulnerabilities into non-vital screw ups, although with a few loss of performance and stability of the browser. In the period in-between, the creators of Chrome hold to look for methods to transition to "secure" languages which include Mozilla's Rust. But, they admit, this can take a long term.

"There are open questions on whether or not we will make C++ and Rust work nicely enough together. Even though we start writing huge new additives in Rust day after today, we are unlikely to be able to repair a considerable fraction of the security vulnerabilities for future years. And are we able to make the boundaries of the language smooth sufficient that we will write components of present components in Rust? We don't know yet," the Chrome crew cited.


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