Grand Theft Auto V is out for smartphones and tablets

Grand Theft Auto V is out for smartphones and tablets. Free 


It is no secret that more and more people every year prefer to spend their free time playing video games, finding this kind of leisure time as interesting and addictive as possible. It is not surprising, because every year there are more and more different video games, and the quality of graphics in such games is constantly improving. Back in 2013 the British game studio Rockstar Games did something that nobody even expected from it. So, it decided to release the video game Grand Theft Auto V, which became available to everyone at the end of the year. In a short period of time, in a couple of months, the game became really popular, because everyone liked it. 


Since then more than eight years passed, but still millions of people from different regions of the world prefer to spend their free time playing Grand Theft Auto V, finding it very interesting and addictive. And now, to everyone's great surprise, there was something that no one even close just simply did not expect, as well as never imagined that something like this would ever happen. The thing is that GTA V has been released for smartphones and tablets, and everyone can download it and start playing for free. Not so long ago everyone could only dream about something like this, but not now, because it became quite a normal reality, that can be easily seen by everyone.

British game studio Rockstar Games for many years has been adding new content to the multiplayer GTA Online, trying to make the most interesting and addictive video game. And now, thanks to modern technology and technological advances everyone can play GTA V doing it on their smartphones and tablets. Previously, this possibility was only available to owners of gaming consoles and computers, but now, now things are very different. Players can enjoy not only the highest quality graphics of all possible and high frame rate over 45 FPS, but also the Russian-speaking localization.


  Moreover, you can play as a single-player campaign GTA V, and enjoy the multiplayer GTA Online, where they regularly add game content again and again. To play Grand Theft Auto V on your mobile device or tablet you need to install Steam Link application on your phone, which is available for free download from App Store and Google Play. Then, after that, you have to launch it and simply follow the on-screen instructions. You really don't have to pay for anything, and all the features that are provided can be used anytime and anywhere you have an internet connection. 


Earlier it was reported that the British game studio Rockstar Games released Red Dead Online instead of Red Dead Redemption 2.


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