Grilled chicken in the oven (Festive recipe)

Crispy, ruddy, with a tantalizing aroma and delicately juicy flavor! That's what beckons many when they see grilled chicken. Friends, do you like grilled chicken? 


Here's the interesting thing about grilled chicken, you remember only when you leave the big supermarket or hypermarket, or walking down the street past small boutiques, labeled "Chicken Grill. But more often than not, you fall for the flavors of grilled chicken and end up buying only on an empty stomach. Has this ever happened to you?


grilled chicken in the oven

If you love grilled chicken, don't rush out to buy it at the store, plan for juicy, ruddy chicken of your own making.    All the more reason to save your budget. 


Some may disagree that chicken takes a long time to cook. Not at all, I tell you! You can cook delicious browned chicken in 1.5 hours. Of which, 1 hour and 20 minutes is waiting. As you can see, 10 minutes of your attention and the rest is chicken all by itself.



chicken, weighing from 1.5 kg to 2 kg,

salt - 1 tbsp,

paprika - 1 tsp,

ground black pepper - 0,5 tsp,

mayonnaise - 2 generous tbsp,

mustard - 1 tbsp,

vegetable oil - 2 tbsp.

How to cook: 


Grilled chicken is cooked on a spit or in grill mode. Today I will use the first method, but for those who have an oven without these devices, do not worry, a delicious chicken with crust can be cooked without them. For this purpose, place the marinated poultry carcass on the grate of the oven, and on the lowest shelf place a tray with a small amount of water. 


It is necessary to do this, because during baking the fat will drip from the chicken and I advise you to use this tip to prevent it from sticking to the baking tray. In addition, due to the evaporation of water, your chicken will be even more tender. And then you will be able to enjoy the smells coming from the oven.


A little more advice: while baking, the water might evaporate, so control the evaporation and add more if necessary! So, rinse the defrosted chicken and wipe it off with a paper towel. Prepare salt and ground black pepper. Leave the paprika and vegetable oil for the very end. 


Chicken in the oven

Salt and pepper the entire poultry carcass, including the inside. 


A delicious marinade for chicken

Next, mix the mayonnaise and mustard in a small bowl. Mayonnaise can be omitted from the marinade, but since I've never baked chicken in mayonnaise, I decided to see how it would end up. Delicious, however! 


chicken in the oven recipe

That's it, how long did this process take you? I had a little less than 10 minutes, along with washing the dishes from the marinade. Then it's a matter of technique - putting the chicken on a spit. I entrusted this task to my husband. While my husband was communicating with the chicken (I laugh), I turned on the oven to 230ºC.    Put the spit in its place and start. I set the time to 230ºC for 10 minutes, then I lower the temperature to 200º and add the rest of the time. 


While the chicken is baking, I can safely go about my business. But I advise you not to sit idly by, because the smells from the oven are so tempting. But be patient and you will have a juicy, desired chicken with a delicious crust! 


Many housewives keep the bird in the oven for 2 hours in order to achieve a crispy crust of baked chicken. It is not necessary to do this, so there is a little secret how to get a crispy chicken in time. For this, we can use put aside vegetable oil and paprika. Yes, yes, we add the paprika 15 minutes before the end of baking. 


baked chicken.

Using a silicone brush, mix together the vegetable oil and paprika. 


Chicken marinade.

And apply this mixture evenly all over the chicken. I'll tell you, it's handy to do this when the chicken is rotated. 


Often, after we finish baking, we rush to get the ruddy chicken out of the oven and then bam, and the meat isn't fully baked. So how do we know if our chicken is cooked or not? Of course, there is one little method that many have forgotten about, and if not, send your feedback to this recipe and many will see that you are an all-remembering cook! 


And the way is this: you take a knife and make a small cut, or even a puncture, in the part of the chicken carcass where it takes a long time to cook. In my opinion this is the breast. Must pour liquid and remember, if it is clean, without any other color, then the chicken is completely ready and you can take it out of the oven. But if you don't like the color of the liquid, it's better to keep the chicken in the oven another 5-10 minutes.Chicken in the oven on a spit

Well, that time is up and you can treat yourself. Baked chicken, in this case it is baked, in order to enjoy the taste! 


So no side dishes but a light salad of fresh veggies and your favorite baked chicken sauces. And yes, baked chicken is best eaten hot! whole baked chicken in the oven

Bon appetit and all the best to you!


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