Grimm brothers aschenputtel vs Charles Perrault Cinderella

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I honestly don’t know who wrote Cinderella first, the Grimm brothers or Charles parrult. So today we’re going to be comparing both stories

Let’s start off with my personal favorite, the Grimm brothers version.


In the Grimm brothers version we don’t know Cinderella’s actual name and right at the first page her mother is dying! Way to go Grimm brothers, I think I now know where Disney got the no mother cliche from.

Her father remarried the next spring, couldn’t he have been a single father and taken care of her rather then marrying a cunt with two fucked up step-daughters?!


The dad doesn’t die in this version he just goes along with the torment his biological daughter goes through!


Even though we know her as Cinderella, guess what she is called by her step sisters because she sleeps near the hearth? If you guessed Aschenputtel, you’re correct if you said the French version that google translates it to your closer to Charles version.


Hell her own father calls her Aschenputtel.


One day her father went to the fair and his daughter asked for the first twig that hits his hat on his way home. He gives it to her.


When the day of the three day festival came, for the prince to find a wife, the step mother refused to let her go. But Aschenputtel went to the twig she watered with her tears until it became a tree and said, “Little tree, little tree, shake over me,

That silver and gold may come down and cover me.”


A bird flew down and gave her a dress and shoes.

Aschenputtel arrived at the first night at the festival to realize her step mother and step sisters did not recognize her.


The prince tried to find out where Aschenputtel lives twice. But on the third night he had a plan, he put pitch on the steps  so she was able to leave a shoe behind. The shoe isn’t glass but gold.


When the two step sisters try the golden shoe on 

( before I go further I wanna warn you this gets gruesome) one cuts off her toe, the other cuts off her heel. So the prince asked if there were any other women in the house. This is what Aschenputtel’s father said “only my dead wife left behind her a little stunted Aschenputtel; it is impossible that she can be the bride.”


So Aschenputtel came down and tried the possibility blood soaked gold shoe and it fits her foot like a glove.


When the step sisters arrived at Aschenputtel’s wedding hoping to gain favor, birds pecked out the step sisters eyes and they stayed blind for the rest of their life.


Now I personally have a dark sense of humor so naturally I would read these stories.


But I digress, let’s get on with Charles. Version of Cinderella 

In this version Cinderella’s mother is already dead and her father is married again.

Cinderella’s step mother basically made her a slave in her  own house. Yet she bore this cruelty patiently and did not even tell her father. You see that confused the living hell out of me every time I read this version. How the fuck could Cinderella’s father not notice that his daughter being treated like that!


When the ball comes up it’s the same amount of nights. 


And they leave Cinderella behind, her fairy godmother appears.


Yes, in this version she has a fairy godmother.


In the book her name is spelled slightly different. 


Cinderella brought a pumpkin, that turned into a coach with gold on it. Three mice that were turned into horses, a rat into a coachman, and six lizards into footmen.


This is where the glass slippers come in. The fairy godmother turned her clothes into a beautiful gold and silver dress with glass slippers.


The fairy godmother told Cinderella the “don’t be out past midnight or the spell will break “ thing. 

She goes to the first and second ball then she lost the glass slipper that night.


The young prince found Cinderella and of all the stupidest things in my opinion after she tried her glass slipper on Cinderella forgave her sisters, gave them a place to live in the palace and matched the step sisters up with lords to marry.


What the everlasting fuck? 


Why does she forgive them?

Why did she treat them kindly after everything they did to her?


This  version was Disney’s inspiration for Cinderella?!  I’m just glad they got rid of the dad in the film because he would act like an ass!


Which one do you prefer, the Grimm brothers version of Charles Perrault’s?


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