Group Of Meat Eating Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs have become one of the most amazing prehistoric creatures. Many people search for their fossils continuously. Just to find out where it is.  Even though imagining them was scary. We are no different from ants to dinosaurs. According to research, most of the dinosaurs were meat eaters. What dinosaurs include meat eaters :

1. Tyrannosaurus

His body looks stooped with small hands and big feet. Besides his body is very large. That is 4 meters high with an overall body weight of 5.2 tons. This dinosaur also had a keen sense of smell. So they can find their prey behind the bushes. Behind the sharp teeth and claws are also sharp. This dinosaur looks scary to other dinosaurs. Luckily his brain is so small. So not smart. There are still those who can escape this dinosaur attack

2. Sarcochusus

Similar to today's crocodiles. With a length of up to 9 meters and an overall weight of 43 metric tons. The scales are so thick that they are difficult to penetrate. Its sharp teeth are ready to eat anything that can be eaten. He can swim freely in the water. And walk on land like other dinosaurs.

3. Velociraptor

His body looks stooped. With small hands and big feet. Even though his body is so small. Only 1 meter high and also 20-60 pounds weighs overall. This dinosaur has a very fast running speed. Its sharp teeth and sharp claws. Ready to kill its prey brutally.

4. Pterosaurs

Its wings are like bats. With a wingspan of 25 cm and an overall body weight of nearly 300 kilograms. The mouth has a very long snout. With sharp little teeth inside. This dinosaur is ready to fly anywhere looking for prey. Then eat it like a crow eats carrion.

5. Spinosaurus

His body looks stooped. With small hands and big feet. Its height can reach 5.4 meters with an overall weight of 13-22 tons. Behind him there are flat steps. This dinosaur is said to be comparable to Tyrannosaurus. Its sharp teeth and sharp claws deserve to be feared.

In your opinion. Which dinosaur is the greatest. From a group of dinosaurs above. Of course there are many other dinosaurs that we don't know about. The life of dinosaurs opens our insight that in old times. Life is so scary. But fortunately human life can continue to develop. Until we are able to develop civilization until now.


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