GTA 6 Rumor Roundup: All The Latest News And Leak

Although GTA 6 hasn't been officially announced, that hasn't stopped the rumors from circulating online for many, many months. The next GTA game is pretty much an eventuality though, because GTA 5 and its associated online multiplayer component, GTA Online, continue to be one of the most-played and most-purchased games of all time.

GTA 6 Rumors

A new rumor from iDigitalTimes has indicated that a massive GTA 6 gameplay trailer has been filmed in Dubai. Not only is this rumor rather unconfirmed, it's also not entirely true. As it stands, GTA 6 hasn't even been given a release window. A couple of other rumors also claim that GTA 6 will include a story set in Cuba. This is also unconfirmed, but there are rumors that it will feature a new hyperdrive, which could be based on a hybrid of a jet engine and rocket engine. If true, this could make it quite a technologically impressive addition. Another rumor suggests that GTA 6 will feature two different single-player modes, with a sandbox mode and an orchestral-driven GTA style narrative.


The Next GTA 6 Properties

If you've purchased GTA V recently, you may have noticed a number of vacant plots of land now being sold in the game's virtual Los Santos. These recently-unfamiliar land names are among the locations the developers are looking to create for the next GTA game. This is a far cry from GTA V's earlier plot developments, which were particularly generous to GTA Online players. The plots you can buy in GTA V are all used by the game's fictional occupants for either home building or commercial purposes. GTA Online Players May Get To Keep The Homes They Built For the next GTA game, the developer wants to make this more of a "full commercial property development." There's even talk of letting you rebuild the homes you've bought as a player of GTA Online.


The Next GTA 6 Plot

Rockstar's first two GTA games, GTA 2 and GTA 3, were pretty straightforward, set in an alternative history where a group of low-level crooks had complete control of the United States' largest metropolitan areas. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, GTA 4 and GTA 5 however, came back to the present, with their stories taking place in Los Santos and San Andreas. In Grand Theft Auto V, the storylines of all three protagonists wound up getting pretty convoluted and took place in an open world that more or less spanned the entire state of San Andreas. GTA 6 will apparently take place in an even larger state. Ruffneck's Airport This GTA 6 plot rumor comes courtesy of an Instagram post that an anonymous user made.


GTA 6Release Date

While Rockstar hasn't officially confirmed when GTA 6 will be released, there are several reasons why the company would want to get the game out in a reasonable amount of time, one of them being that the developer wants to capitalize on the growing market of Rockstar VR, which is basically GTA 5 in a virtual reality headset. We know that GTA Online took the multiplayer mode to new levels with the game and Rockstar wants to continue that momentum. GTA 6 Characters Rapper 2 Chainz, AKA Kwame Opare Ankh, posted his rap video to his Instagram account and the video revealed information that is being interpreted as his having a role in GTA 6.


GTA 6What We Know So Far

According to numerous reports, Rockstar Games' Rockstar North studio will reportedly stay in Bellevue, Washington to work on the next-generation game. Although GTA 5 was developed in San Andreas, Rockstar North has an office in Edinburgh, Scotland. So if they're going to move their offices, it's likely that they'll go somewhere closer to the European development hub. What we also know is that Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive have confirmed that a next-generation title is coming, but they haven't stated which title it will be. However, we can safely assume that it's not GTA 6. GTA 6 Rumors That said, GTA 6 has always been the next step up from GTA 5, so this one is a no-brainer.



GTA 6 is out there, it's just a matter of time until we get official word of its existence. Of course, we could speculate forever before we actually know what to expect. My suggestion would be to keep your fingers crossed and wait patiently for the moment when Rockstar announces it. "> "There are, I am sorry to say, some positive points to this matter. The worst that could happen would be the involvement of the Sapo, or of a Sapo asset like Sporting, as has happened before. Only a few (militarily-trained) agents or sympathizers are involved. This does not concern the rest of the Republic and, above all, the Brazilian State." -- Rockstar CEO, Dan Houser, quoted on a GTA Online forum.


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