GTA III Anniversary Events Start in GTA Online

With the announcement of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition, Rockstar Games has confirmed that GTAIII will be celebrated in GTA Online. Associated with this are events that will begin to appear during the fall. Rockstar is promising to add themed clothing items, skins, and "a ton of special gear." Over the course of October, GTA Online will see “something out of the ordinary” happening around South San Andreas, which also seems to be related to the GTAIII anniversary. More details about events will be announced later.
In addition, Rockstar has confirmed that it has launched the rotation of cases and adversarial modes in GTA Online - something appears, something disappears. As the developers write, this should make the game healthier: there will be room for new tasks and modes, matchmaking will improve and the number of unpopular things will decrease. The rotation will also help highlight forgotten classics and especially unusual cases, because now a lot is drowning in the sea of ​​content: there are more than a thousand Rockstar cases alone in GTA Online, and there are also millions of custom tasks. Cases are going to be returned within the framework of special events and accompanied by various bonuses.
Events related to the anniversary of GTAIII will start before the end of autumn - Rockstar does not give an exact date. The birthday of the third part will take place on October 22, and the re-release of The Trilogy is said to start on November 11. So, information about the holiday events in GTA Online is likely to appear in the next couple of weeks.


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