Guinea pig

The guinea pig is a pet in the mumps family. It seems so cute and cuddly due to its appearance. Owners who decide to take this pet home do not always look at the disadvantages of this pet:


The daily cleaning of the house, the cage of the pet.

Specific odor.

If you let guinea pigs out of their cage and leave them unattended, the critters can mess up your stuff. You'll get stripped wallpaper, chewed up wires, and ruined furniture.

Some pigs may have an aggressive personality, or the pet may be timid and won't make contact with humans.

If your piggy has long hair, it will need proper care.

Basically, these are the main disadvantages of these cute rodents. Positive qualities in guinea pigs quite a lot:


Cleanliness. Guinea pigs spend a lot of time caring for their fur, the method of licking. Smell can only come from the cage, if not cared for properly.

Long Lives. Life expectancy of guinea pigs is about 10 years.

Lead a daytime lifestyle, unlike hamsters or rats, which are active at night and disturb their owners to sleep.

Do not require walks in the fresh air.

Easy to care for. You will only need to clean the cage, so there was no unpleasant smell, and food for the guinea pig can be bought at any pet store.

Guinea pig fur does not cause allergic reactions.

Guinea pigs are able to respond to their names. Nature has rewarded these animals with developed thinking. It is worth to get a guinea pig, you decide according to your personal preference and weigh the pros and cons.


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