Gumpert Apollo

Small-scale production of the Gumpert Apollo supercar began in 2005 in Germany. The car became the first model of the company, created by the former engineer and manager of Audi Robert Gumpert.

The two-seat mid-engine coupe was built according to the traditional scheme for such cars: a space frame plus fiberglass (carbon fiber on request) external body panels. The Gumpert Apollo is powered by a twin-turbocharged Audi 4.2-liter eight-cylinder engine coupled to a six-speed manual sequential transmission. Drive, of course, is rear.

The first versions of Gumpert Apollo coupe developed 650 hp, which allowed the car to accelerate up to a "hundred" in 3.1 seconds. Later versions with engines, boosted up to 750, 780 and even 860 hp appeared. Prices for supercar start from a mark of 300 thousand euros.


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