Hacking Social Network, About Facebook Failure

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp have a global disruption. Main Users have recorded a global outage in the work of the services Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp, according to Downdetector data.

Around 00:55, users began reporting a partial recovery of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp


The problems have been noticed since about 6:44 p.m. Reports of malfunctions came first from Moscow, central Russia, Kiev, as well as almost all European countries except Estonia and Latvia. Later, the access failure spread to the rest of the world.

More than 11,000 users reported problems with Instagram, more than eight thousand users reported problems with WhatsApp, and more than a thousand reported problems with FB.


Unconfirmed reports are appearing on the Internet that data from 1.5 billion Facebook users have been put up for sale on the "black market".  Representatives of the social network did not comment on this information, from the IT forum Reddit moderators deleted a thread with a discussion on this topic. 

"This is the biggest disruption, the entire network lies in general, exactly the network," Philip Kulin, author of the Esher II telegram channel, told Novaya. - "In a nutshell, they did a remote upgrade of routers, but something went wrong."

Independent investigative journalist Brian Krebs reported that the DNS entries that allow systems to find Facebook and Instagram sites were removed from the global routing tables this morning. 


Mark Zuckerberg dropped to sixth place on Forbes' list and lost about $6.6 billion because of the Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp outages, according to Forbes. Shares of the IT giants are down - Facebook by 5 percent, Apple and Microsoft by 2.5 percent.

Facebook said it is aware of the problem with the services and is working to restore access. The company has sent a small team of employees to California to manually reboot servers. The company's employees' work is hampered by the fact that they cannot receive emails from external addresses.


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