Hair Bonnets!

Bonnets made of satin or silk help hair to retain moisture which can also help prevent split ends.


Choosing between satin and silk really comes down to personal preference and what you can afford. Silk is a natural fiber and tends to be more expensive while satin is a fabric type produced with a certain weave. Satin pillowcases can be made from silk but they can also be made with polyester, which isn’t as smooth but is more affordable.

Satin bonnets and headwraps can certainly get the job done, but nothing is quite as effective at retaining moisture than silk.

Retain moisture, reduce breakage, and wake up with your hair laid. We find that this piece is ideal for wrapping medium length straight hair or protecting cornrows and other sleek styles.  

There's no tying, untying, or knotting anything — just slip one on and you can head out the door. 


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