Hairdresser tells why your hair gets messy so fast

Social networks are becoming more and more useful. In a little while we will be able to solve the main riddle of mankind: What the hell is going on around here? But for now, let's try to solve less global questions.

Chances are, if you've opened this text, you've got some hair on your head. And you've probably noticed that they get messy fast. Let's also not rule out that you'd like to wash them less often. However, if you answered no to each of these assumptions, we'll still tell you how to make your hair stay clean longer.


What does this have to do with social media? Well, we just checked out TicToc, and there's a hairstylist, Sarah Brawley, who's talking about why humanity is suffering from messy hair and the biggest mistake people make when taking care of their hair. And the name of this mistake is the Dirty Brush.


According to Sarah, if you don't want your hair to get messy quickly, just wash your combs more often. You'll have to wash your head, too, but not as often. The surface of the comb happily accumulates sebum and residue from hair styling products (if you suddenly use them), and that quickly contaminates your scalp no matter how much you scrub.


"All the dirt getting on your skin every day is disgusting. You also get split ends for that reason," Sarah explained.


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