Hamster Pet

When choosing a pet, many people prefer hamsters. They are cute, funny and unpretentious to keep. Hamsters are small rodents with short limbs, small ears and short tails. Their body length varies from 5 to 34 cm. Their diet consists mainly of plant foods.


There are different kinds of hamsters. The most common are:





Campbell's hamster.

Pros of a pet, a favorite of children:


Suitable for children. Easy to clean, not aggressive.

Unpretentious in care.

Keeping hamsters is inexpensive.

They do not need a lot of time, they easily tolerate loneliness.



The hamster is a nocturnal animal, so it leads a mostly nocturnal lifestyle.

Intelligence is lower than that of cats, dogs and some other pets.

Hamster is a rodent. Can gnaw on things and, if not treated well, bite.

Short life span. Hamsters live on average about 2 years, some species live up to 5 years.

Unpleasant smell. If you keep the cage clean and wash it regularly, the smell will not be noticeable.

There are both minuses and pluses to keeping them, but it is unequivocally safe to say that the hamster is an excellent choice as a pet.


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