Have You Hear The Word Pollution

Pollution can also be called environmental pollution. Pollution has caused many problems in life. Such as the depletion of the ozone layer, the spread of disease, and habitat destruction. We know that many things can create pollution. Until now there has been no effective action to overcome the magnitude of the impact caused by pollution. Of course, we don't want the earth to become uninhabitable land. If not on earth. So where should we live? Although we know many planets in our solar system. But nothing is exactly the same as the earth. Earth has the largest free oxygen on the planet. Where this is a basic need for humans to live. In addition, clean water for us to use in various ways. So abundant that we cannot count the number. Compare this with the arid planet Mars with craters around it. As humans who live on earth. We can only make a few attempts. Among the efforts we can do are :

A. Dispose of trash in its place

Garbage can interact with bacteria if left too long. These bacteria cause disease. If left to accumulate bacteria it will be carried away by water when it rains. Like a virus they will spread to various places. It is better if there is no trash can then burn the garbage directly. Do not throw garbage into rivers or the sea. We know that many live there. For example, the fish we usually eat. When the fish is poisoned. And the fish we accidentally eat. Then we too will be affected by it.

B. Stop using the motorbike

Better to use a bicycle than a motorbike. Chemical mixtures as motor fuels have caused the environment to become infected. Through motor vehicle fumes due to continuous combustion in the engine. Every day the motor smoke never stops. Given that the motor seems to still be a community need. How much the amount of the substance that disperses into the environment. If the use of the motor is increasing. We know news from news stories. That the impact could even erode the ozone layer in the atmosphere. Cause global warming that we can feel now. On the other hand, because of this the ice in the glaciers melted and some of the animal habitats were lost. How to restore the situation if it's like this. There's nothing else to do.

C. Stop manufacturing factories that use non-environmentally friendly materials

We do feel how big the output is. For example, noodles as a substitute for rice to add carbohydrates. Noodles are produced from processed raw materials. However, this production produces dregs. This dregs can cause a lot of problems. We can't just get rid of the dregs unless we wait for time. Or do a complete burn with a tool. So, however, the environment is affected.

Given that we cannot deny the situation where pollution is growing day by day. We as humans at least need to know what causes it. Here are the reasons why pollution continues to increase.

A. Lack of human knowledge

Many do not know about the phenomenon of pollution. We should conduct education in various places. So people know what to do.

B. There is no substitute for fuel for all engines used in general.

Gasoline, Solar, Dexlite, and so on. Still said not good enough for the environment. So that the number of uses causes pollution to get worse.

Let's take good care of the earth. Because if not our earth will be damaged. Start doing the right thing from now on. Before it's too late. For our survival in the future.


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