'He is going to be really special' - Anil Kumble backs this KKR batter to achieve great things

Former India leg-spinner Anil Kumble has backed KKR batter Rinku Singh to achieve great things in future. Rinku Singh was impressive in the last season of IPL, where he scored 474 runs in 14 games.

He scored these runs at an average of 59.25 and a strike rate of close to 150.


IPL 2023 was Rinku Singh's breakthrough season. Batting in the middle order for KKR, the left-hander showed tremendous composure and calmness. His five sixes off Yash Dayal, where he took KKR to a dramatic victory in the last ball, was just an example of his extraordinary form.

His rich vein of form earned him an India call-up, where he was equally impressive. In 15 T20Is, he has 356 runs at an unbelievable average of 89.and a strike rate of 176. He has completed his finisher's job to perfection so far, a role he is likely to get in the future as well.


Anil Kumble backs Rinku Singh to achieve great things


In an epidode of Legends Lounge on Jio Cinema, Anil Kumble hailed Rinku Singh as a special player who has excelled in difficult batting positions in his short career so far.


"Rinku Singh is someone who is going to be really special. With the role he plays for KKR and India and the opportunities that he has got, it has been extremely difficult to come in at number six or number seven and win a game for your team. That, to me, is special," Kumble said on the episode.


England's World Cup-winning captain Eoin Morgan also heaped praise on Rinku Singh. Morgan was with KKR previously and has shared the dressing room with Rinku Singh. He praised his work ethic and attitude.


"I was in the KKR squad with him from 2020 to 2022. You sit back and admire the work ethic over everything, combined with his attitude. It's a role that can be very unforgiving at times. You have to be concise and calm but also have to pick your time and match up to accelerate the run rate. Right now, Rinku is making a lot of good decisions," Morgan said.


Rinku Singh has been one of the few bright moments for KKR in the past two seasons.where they have failed to make it to the playoffs. KKR will require a significant contribution from their star batter if they aim to change things around in IPL 2024. The youngster will also have an eye on India's squad for the upcoming T20 World Cup.


















































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