Headache, causes

According to Ayurveda, as outlined in a book by the famous physician and philosopher Harish Johari, persistent pain in certain areas of the head that haunts a person may indicate the health problems of entirely different organs

A headache in a certain part of the head is indicative of a specific disorder in one organ or another. The picture below shows areas of persistent headache, numbered according to the explanations below the picture.

What a persistent headache indicates:

1. Tension and infections in the gums and teeth.


2. in the area of the eyeballs indicates increased acidity of the body.


3. pain in the eye socket area occurs with gastritis.


4. Inflammatory diseases of the stomach.


5. Pain in this area occurs with ulcers.


6. Intestinal disorders.


7. Disturbances in the fallopian tubes.


8. Diseases of the kidneys.


9. Diseases of the urinary tract.


10. Neuralgias.


11. Cataract formation.


12. temporal pain occurs in disorders of the brain and spinal nerve.


Ayurveda emphasizes that this correspondence can only make sense if the pain is constant and recurrent for a period of time, but not if it is a solitary ailment


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