Health And Fitness Essentials The Cardio Vascular Workout

To achieve good cardio-vascular exercise all you really need are good running shoes. Most cardio-vascular exercises require little or no side effects to help you complete your routine. Running, dancing, walking can all be done without machines (well, if you dance, maybe some music can help). Other forms of cardio are steps, circuit training, cycling, swimming, aerobics and more…


With regular exercise you should remember to warm up first and then cool down afterwards. This means stretching gently and moving your muscles to start with. Suddenly exercising fully without building up first will cause problems such as stiffness and stiffness. Simplify yourself in it. Then, after exercising, the cooler will gently move the muscles and joints to stretch and relax, as your body returns to normal.




Make sure you have good running shoes. The technology used in these shoes these days has been extensively researched and is designed to reduce shocks on the feet, ankles, legs, and back. So don't skip this - you get paid.


Before you start running, make sure you warm up first. Start with a brisk walk making sure you move your arms slowly and slowly into a slow jog. It's best to run at a pace that you can talk about. If you find yourself running out of breath, slow down and get better. If you are a novice runner try running and walking, until you can run for 15 minutes.


Now increase the length and duration of your run by a few minutes each time you hit a road or treadmill, until you can run for 30 minutes without stopping. Try to increase your running time by 10% each week, remember not to overdo it and don't forget to warm up at each end by slowing down slowly. When your running is over you stretch your legs for 30 seconds with the muscles, tendons, calf and thigh.




Cycling is one of the best ways to get good cardio-vascular exercise.


First of all, if you are traveling on the road, safety is important, always use proper safety equipment when riding on the road. You can stay healthy by cycling to work, most people work within five miles of the workplace, which is the ideal distance for cycling.


Exercise bikes can be used in a variety of ways, standard riding for a specified length of time, this is similar to cycling without the risks of road riding and weather. For a warm ride you can use an exercise bike to warm up the legs before leg exercises. Also use bike classes, these classes are taken by a trainer, who will set you up at different speed levels, much like cycling training cycling.


You may find it amazing to find that cycling 5 miles 3 times a week will improve your heart rate, posture, skin and weight control. Some even say that running is a good way to get rid of stress.




One of the best ways to strengthen and lean your body. Due to water resistance in bodybuilding involving all major muscle groups this allows the body to burn about 20% more calories than air swimming. Swimming a few lengths a day will keep you healthy and give you the best exercise. Swimming also has less impact on the joints than on running.


If you wish to take your swim a little and try to take the pace of your swimming, you can work out more exercise and give your body the best workout.


Start by swimming for 1-2 lengths during a break between sets if necessary, after swimming for ten lengths a day. The next day repeat the procedure until you can swim for five minutes without a break. Pass to ten lengths by adding extra length each time you return.


You can combine your cardio rainforest route in the gym, if you have a problem with this the existing staff will write to you and show you how to achieve your goal. Try to keep your cardio at bay for an hour and a half. A good first point of cardio is always working.


This cardio exercise will work for a person of moderate fitness, but adjust the times and speed according to your fitness levels.


1. Run slowly for 20 minutes, start at a slow pace and slowly move on to running, this helps you stay warm and the blood pumps.


2. Rowing Machine - set the rowing machine a countdown time of 15 minutes or keep a check on your watch or watch. Start with a slow motion to increase speed, keep this speed steady for a total of 13 minutes and then use 2 minutes to slow down.


3. Quickly move to a gym bike and take a slow walk for 12 minutes with the end of the sprint for the remaining 3 minutes.


4. After the exercise bike move straight up the stairs for 15 minutes up a light level for the legs to move. Try to walk at a brisk pace for a full 15 minutes as this is the last leg work you will do.


5. Once you have finished the step rider, go to the abs bench to find more lumps. 4 sets of fail crunches is your target for this exercise. Try to twist your body and touch your left knee with your right elbow and vice versa.


6. The last exercise in this fast cardio workout is a leg lifting tools. Bring your knees to your chest for 3-4 sets of as many reps as possible (failure)


After completing this cardio exercise, remember to do a full warm up by stretching the muscles. A full workout should take you about 1 hour 20 minutes.


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