Healthy Detox Rotis: Lose Weight and Feel Great Eating These Rotis!

Roti is an important part of an Indian diet. Indians tend to eat roti at least twice a day. Even though roti is not unhealthy as such but when you are on a journey to lose weight, even the simplest and smallest things need to be taken into consideration. But just because something is not unhealthy doesn't mean it can't be healthier! That is where we found detox roti. The goal of detox roti is to help decrease one's flour intake without having to decrease the portion of the food consumed daily.

What are detox roti?

For the last few years, detox roti has been popular in Indian kitchens. The point of detox roti is to help with weight loss and weight maintenance. A typical high fat, low carb diet eats high carb foods at times when one is hungry and low carb foods at times when one is not hungry. The problem with this is that the high carb foods, particularly grains and vegetables, cause gas and bloating. High fat foods like a roti also make one fill up quickly and increase the rate of metabolism. The high fat content of detox roti is harmful to your health as well as your weight loss goals. How detox roti helps with weight loss? These detox rotis don't contain grains or wheat. They contain fruits and vegetables. Foods like millets, quinoa, mung beans, legumes, etc.


How to make detox roti?

As you read this article, we will be showing you how to make detox roti. The secret to a detox roti lies in the gluten-free channa dal. The gluten-free channa dal can be made in many ways. I suggest you start off with the method outlined below. Channa dal, cooked with oil and curd, can be mixed with semolina and raisins and then used as the batter for making rotis. But if you prefer, you can also use the batter to make samosas. Either way, the result is delicious and good for you. How to make detox roti What is detox roti? There are many other ways of making detox roti other than the method I am going to tell you about. However, if you prefer the method I am going to tell you about, I would recommend you do the following: Leave the chillies in the samosa batter before it is cooked.


Nutritional value of detox roti?

A single serving of detox roti contains around 8.3 grams of carbohydrates (pulses are used), 1.2 grams of dietary fibre and 0.5 grams of protein (pulses are not very high in protein but they contain dietary fibre which has a greater amount of protein content than other foods). Thus the dieters should start eating 6 small rotis in a day. So you would have approximately 35 grams of carbs per day. But don't fret, there are also a lot of foods that contain this amount of carbs. Examples would be apples, potatoes and carrots, all these vegetables have 20 grams of carbs. So there is no need to worry if you are used to eating smaller portions of carbs in roti! Healthy Detox Rotis ingredients? Clean pulse masalas like peas, chana, moong dal and besan are used in the recipe for detox roti.


Benefits of detox roti.

This detox roti is naturally low-carb and high-fibre with a gentle effect on one's hunger pangs. Furthermore, detox roti tastes good and is light, fluffy, and so delicious. There is no hard science behind the detox roti as such, however, the presence of a healthy dose of antioxidants, glucosinolate and trace amounts of resveratrol helps to reduce one's appetite, keep skin clear, and are antioxidants found in red wine, dark chocolate, and blueberries. What's in this detox roti recipe. Unrefined coconut milk Red chilli powder Turmeric powder Banana powder Green gram Cinnamon powder Sugarcane extract Thyme extract Onion powder Chilli powder Breadcrumbs Butter Sesame seeds Olive oil Water Take the pre-prepared, gluten-free, detox roti mix and cook according to the directions.



So, for those of you who want to lose weight but don't want to compromise on your roti intake, healthy detox roti is definitely the answer. We don't blame you for wanting to get slim while eating your favourite roti or any food for that matter. If we want to get fit, we need to find a way to do it without sacrificing on our comfort foods. And the good news is, roti is not as unhealthy as you might think! We will try to recreate detox roti recipes and show you how to make them at home. So, tell us in the comments below what we have missed!


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