Healthy eating

The diagnosis of obesity is made when the volume of the waist in men is more than 94 cm, in women - more than 80 cm at any height. It is correct to measure at the level of the navel.

We must remember: we eat to live, not "we live to eat".

Our recommendations are not a short-term diet, this is the way every person who wants to be healthy and live longer and better should eat

Remember, for weight loss, 80% is proper nutrition and 20% is physical activity

Physical activity can start with walking 30 minutes 3 times a week, gradually increasing the frequency and intensity of exercise (the target speed is 6 km/hour, walk 3 kilometers every day for 30 minutes) good intensity is considered. Also well helps cycling, swimming, running, playing sports: volleyball, soccer, basketball, tennis. In good weather, it is preferable to exercise in the fresh air, in the morning, while there is strength and the air is not yet heavily polluted with exhaust gases

Amount of fluid intake - 30 ml/kg for healthy people, 40 ml/kg - for people with obesity, but not more than 4 liters per day. Try to drink alkaline non-carbonated water whose pH is close to 7. The alkaline or acidic state of water can be determined by using special test strips for the mouth, which are sold in pharmacies. Here are some examples of pH of water measured by us: Elbruscia - 7,0; Aqua Dombai - 6,5; Pilgrimm - 4,5; springs of Caucasus - 4,5; Mountain Peak - 4,5 (it means that preference is given to Elbrusia from Cherkessk and Aqua Dombai)

Meals must be varied and balanced. From protein products preference is given to meat of red fatty sorts (beef, mutton), fish (desirable wild, not farm which is grown out of will), eggs, sour-milk products. Eliminate fast carbohydrates completely (sweets, sweet drinks, white flour products). Replenish carbohydrates at the expense of vegetables and fruit, preferably in fresh form.

Go to bed no later than 10:30 p.m., the duration of sleep should be at least 7-8 hours. The sleep hormone melatonin is a fat burner. Sleep in a well-ventilated room with fresh air, at a temperature of +19 degrees


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