Healthy eating, what do you have to do?

The principles of healthy eating

The formula for a proper, healthy diet is quite simple because it includes only two components, which are in direct dependence on each other. Its essence is as follows: the energy value of food (measured in calories) must match the energy expenditure of the body. Everyone knows that if a person eats a lot, but does not move enough, his unspent energy turns into excess weight. So, in maintaining a normal weight matters lifestyle, occupation, gender, physiological data, physical activity. But everyone can follow simple rules.


So, the right, that is, a balanced or rational, diet requires:


To observe the regime, to eat always at the same time;

Adhere to the eating schedule: breakfast, snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner. In this case, the main volume of food should enter the body during breakfast and lunch;

Take a break between meals of no more than 3 hours;

take into account the energy value of food and correctly distribute them in the meal schedule;

calculate the portion size of food, observing the "rule of the plate": 1/4 - complex carbohydrates, 1/4 - protein, 1/2 - vegetables, fruits, berries;

Combine fats, proteins, and carbohydrates according to personal physical activity, and do not forget about vitamins, microelements, and fiber;

give preference to vegetables and fruits, fish, poultry, lean meat, seafood, low-fat dairy products, legumes, whole grains, cereals

reduce salt, sugar, sweets and baked goods (fast carbohydrates), carbonated drinks, processed juices, and alcohol;

stick to healthy cooking methods: steaming, braising, and boiling;

include nutritional supplements and dietary supplements;

Only eat when you are hungry; do not eat food that is too cold or too hot; chew thoroughly

Try to eat dinner before 6 or 7 p.m;

Sleep at least seven hours a day and avoid stress.

What is the right way to switch to a healthy diet?

To maintain a normal weight, a comfortable feeling of well-being and the general well-being of the body, it is worth to think through a menu for each day, which is usually called a light diet for each day. A balanced diet should be made individually, for one day or one week. Her goal is nutritional balance, that is, the ratio of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, close to 1 - 1 - 4, which helps the body to fully digest the food and thus enrich the necessary substances. Thus, protein gives satiety, fats and carbohydrates give energy. We should not forget that diet and physical activity, optimal for age and health, bring a double benefit.


Taking nutritional supplements also plays a big role in maintaining health and a normal weight. So Amway offers healthy products as part of its Bodykey and BodyDetox programs.


The NUTRILITE Liver Aktiv helps to protect the liver during periods of high stress and to normalize metabolic processes.

NUTRILITE Protein Powder is a vegetable protein supplement that replenishes protein starvation and supports performance. It is an alternative to meat, eggs, milk and cheese.

NUTRILITE™ Dietary Fiber Inulin increases gastrointestinal function and detoxifies excess fat and toxins.

Mixed Fibre NUTRILITE™ in the form of chewable tablets replenishes fibre deficiencies in the body, promotes gut cleansing, suppresses appetite and helps to control weight.

Bodykey™ dry mix for a tasty milkshake, which becomes a healthy snack for an active life and helps to get rid of extra pounds.

NUTRILITE™ Carbohydrate Blocker prevents the body from converting excess carbs from your daily caloric intake into fat. Each meal blocks up to 500 kcal.

Rules of dieting

Today, the problem of being overweight and, therefore, losing weight is one of the most pressing. Overeating, a love of unhealthy foods, a sedentary lifestyle, stress can cause the appearance of extra pounds. It happens that the struggle with them lasts for years. In this case, neither starvation nor strict diets help. However, it is worth remembering about calorie counting and that weight will start to fall when the calorie deficit reaches 20%. So you can try to change your outlook on nutrition and follow a simple diet that works effectively and does no harm to the body, but can significantly improve your figure and well-being.


Such a diet excludes primarily fat, flour and sweets, but consists not only of kefir and apples, but of tasty and healthy dishes. In addition, it includes the proper use of clean water: 1 glass 20-30 minutes before breakfast and between meals. There are also a few more nuances. So, it is better not to use "quick" porridge, and cook or boil them in the evening. It is worth learning to "cheat" your body with interesting culinary tricks: especially when you want foods that are excluded from the diet, such as sweets. And it's time to try new healthy cereals like bulgur, 


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