Here are the Best Ideas for Making Money and Earning Online and Not Just 500 Euros a Day

Finding ideas to make money and earn 500 euros a day is not at all simple, but on some occasions it can be an achievable goal, certainly not without effort, study and work.


If you already have a job you may be looking for some ideas to make money , or otherwise to round up and get extra income by earning everything legally.


But let's see together some methods to earn money in a short time and to be able to build a career, and achieve much higher profits.


Follow us and discover our ideas on how to earn easy money and bigger income over time.



How to earn 500 euros?

The best solutions to supplement your salary

1. Participate and subscribe to online survey platforms
2. Freelance proofreader
3. Virtual assistant
4. Doing occasional activities in your city
5. Blogging
6. Affiliate Marketing
7. YouTube
8. Become a professional freelancer

How to earn 500 euros?

The best solutions to supplement your salary

If you already have a salary and are looking for ideas to make money and earn 500 euros a day in some online and non-online businesses, then you can choose from some jobs for which they pay you but that do not require excessive effort. Let's see the main ones!


1. Participate and subscribe to online survey platforms

Participating and signing up for online survey platforms can earn you a good amount in a couple of weeks or a month. There are many platforms for online surveys.


By subscribing to at least five or six you have the opportunity to earn up to 100 euros per month, thus obtaining a good profit. Here we have found for the best online survey sites:


Here are the best paid online survey sites active today for you :


Nielsen : By participating in the Nielsen Mobile Panels you receive great prizes without doing literally anything! Just download the Nielsen App on your smartphone or computer and browse as you usually do. Nielsen will collect the data that interests him anonymously and you will receive incredible rewards. * Only if you are between 18 and 24 years old * .


Sondaggi : the company that manages this site, Cre'Online, is French, but the platform is in Italian. In addition to doing surveys, you can increase your score by offering yourself as a product tester. You can redeem your points for cash or via Amazon Coupons . 

Opinion Center : by participating in the Opinion Center surveys you receive points that can be redeemed for cash via Mastercard Virtual or PayPal or Amazon, iTunes and Zalando vouchers. 

LifePoints : is the survey platform with the most varied range of rewards: from Amazon, Zalando, Ikea, iTunes, LaFeltrinelli vouchers to donations to Unicef ​​or decide to convert your points balance into money to be loaded on your Paypal balance . In addition to the surveys, lifePoins gives you the opportunity to receive free samples to test or you will be asked to simply fill in a diary where you can write down your habits and your purchasing behavior. 

Surveyeah : Italian survey site that operates in 124 countries and which rewards with gifts and rewards for each survey completed both with real money and with incredible prizes such as Amazon, Zalando or Decathlon Coupons .   

The club of new ideas : the all-Italian panelactive since 2007, today boasts over 60,000 members and collaborates with the most important market research companies (such as Nielsen). The procedure is very easy: just register on the site and wait to be contacted by email to answer questions about sports, travel, technology, engines and many other topics of your interest. Each survey will give you a score that you can then turn into Amazon , Zalando, Netflix , but also Carrefour and Tamoil vouchers to immediately buy what you need. 

Surveys do not take much time, in fact, it is possible to answer a long questionnaire in about 15 minutes. The longer surveys provide for a payment of about 5 euros per survey, others can even reach up to 10 euros.


In addition, the platforms for online surveys offer points, which can then be converted into cash to be obtained on PayPal, if you invite friends to register online, if you watch advertising videos, if you subscribe to specific newsletters, etc ...


Of course it is not easy to earn 500 euros a month with online surveys, but you have to commit at least one or two hours a day and receive a good number of questionnaires.


2. Freelance proofreader


If you want to find a second job that you like and satisfy, or if you have always wanted to work in the world of writing, you can choose to become a freelance proofreader.


To undertake this work and earn 500 euros a week or a month, depending on your commitment and the customers acquired, you first need a training course in this area.


Of course, proofreading mainly requires a good knowledge of grammar and syntax, but a professionalizing course in this sense will certainly allow you to get more jobs and deliver a well-done correction to the client.


But how much can you earn as a proofreader? Of course it depends on the time you dedicate to doing this job and above all on how many customers you can find.


In general, for proofreading, a fee of between 2 and 3 euros per page can be requested. A folder is equivalent to 1800 characters including spaces, so about half a word page.


This means that if you are given a 250-page text to correct and revise, you can earn between 500 and 750 euros with just one job.


To earn 500 euros with a job as a proofreader in two weeks, you will have to dedicate at least two or three hours a day to this activity and have at least a couple of customers every month.


3. Virtual assistant

If you want to earn 500 euros in about two weeks, or even less, you can choose to start a business as a virtual assistant.

The virtual assistant takes care of answering phone calls, e-mails, sending invoices, performing mathematical calculations, carrying out specific jobs for an executive or a freelancer. This job requires simple calculation skills, use of the PC and kindness in answering questions and requests.


Looking for a job as a virtual assistant requires commitment to subscribe to sites, forums and Facebook pages where you can meet the demand of professionals who need an online secretary and not full time.


The job of virtual assistant can be paid from 10 up to 30 euros per hour.


This means that by finding a customer who assigns you at least 20 hours of work, you can earn between 200 and 600 euros in a week or a month. Earnings always depend on how long you spend on your business.


4. Doing occasional activities in your city

In addition to some online jobs or by answering surveys, you can find ideas to make money and earn 500 euros a day with occasional activities to be carried out within your city.


For example, do you have skills as a carpenter, carpenter, electrician, plumber, painter, bricklayer, gardener, cleaner etc… even without this being your full time job?


If you have one of these skills and you just want to earn 500 euros quickly, you can choose to propose yourself to do odd jobs in your city.


Today there are many people who in Facebook groups or through work apps, are looking for someone to whitewash their house or to help them fix a sink, or a cellar drain.


With these jobs it is possible to earn a good nest egg even in a single day of work.


For example, completely emptying a house, can also require a cost of 1000 euros, but not being a professional you could ask for 500 and thus earn a good sum in a single day.


5. Blogging

How much can you earn with a blog? If you have a good editorial project, if you are able to understand how the dynamics of blogging work, if you engage in the study and writing of the text every day, then you can even earn 500 euros a day.


The blog is a very popular medium that manages to perfectly combine the passion for writing with the knowledge of a certain topic. In addition, you can get great income through advertising, affiliations, collaborations with various brands and hosting posts from other blogs or advertisements.


The only flaw of a blog is that it includes ideas for making money and earning 500 euros a day , but to do so it takes a very solid project and at the same time able to guarantee you constant growth.


6. Affiliate Marketing


Another of the ideas for making money and earning 500 euros a day is affiliate marketing. Doing affiliate marketing , like blogging, is not easy and requires study and hard work.


Affiliate marketing allows you to earn simply by offering products or services to a large audience to be purchased on third-party platforms.


Whenever a person makes a purchase, you can earn a percentage sum ranging from 1% up to 25% on the amount spent.


To do affiliate marketing you need to have a very popular profile on social networks with over 10 thousand subscribers and with good involvement .


Or you can take advantage of affiliate marketing also through the blog or a channel on TikTok or YouTube.


7. YouTube


If you want to earn 500 euros a day you can choose to open a YouTube channel and get a good following and then be able to monetize. Earning with a YouTube channel is certainly possible and you can also reach figures of over 500 euros per day.


However, we must consider that as with blogging or affiliate marketing it takes a long time to make profits with a YouTube channel, and you have to work hard, have a unique and differentiating idea and be able to create interesting content.


Earning $ 500 with YouTube is far from simple, but if you truly believe in it and create engaging videos, you can build a following and earn high profits over time.


8. Become a professional freelancer

If you are looking for other ideas to make money and you want to earn up to 500 euros a day then you can become a professional freelancer and create an ever-growing client package until you reach very high earnings!


Today a good professional such as a web designer, a web developer, an online marketing consultant, a digital assistant , or a copywriter who manages to create an efficient work team can become a leader in the sector and obtain earnings that they can reach and exceed . 500 euros per day.


Of course, as in all the cases we've seen together, becoming an authority as a freelancer in a specific industry is also not easy and requires a lot of effort.


In conclusion, earning 500 euros a day is possible, but you have to commit and build a real career to get optimal profits and reach a salary of over 15 thousand euros a month!


If, on the other hand, you just need to earn 500 euros immediately , then you can choose to do odd jobs within your city or opt for an extra job, which in a month or less allows you to raise a good sum, but without excessive . 


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