Heroes of Might and Magic III will have an official board game

Polish studio Archon with the support of Ubisoft is developing a full-fledged board game on Heroes of Might and Magic III. Fundraising for its release will be launched on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter in November 2022. That's also where all fans will be able to place an order.


Here are some known details

The game will feature the factions Inferno and Castle, as well as a third, which will be chosen by fans through voting.

Gameplay will combine world exploration and a chess-based combat system, representing the classic battlefields the series is known for.

Each player will start with one tile of the castle, and everything outside of it will have to be unlocked. To do this, you'll have to complete the map around it with special tiles.


Each city will have two heroes, as well as creatures representing each faction.

Players will have access to over 30 detailed figures, including famous heroes such as Katherine Ironfist and Xeron, as well as iconic creatures like archangels, dragons, and more.

A variety of enchanted items will be available to the hero, giving certain bonuses, as well as boosting the skills of leadership, accuracy, and so on.


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