Hitler nearly drowned as a child, but was saved by a future priest

It is quite possible that the world would have been completely different and the course of world history during the Second World War could have changed dramatically if not for one small event in 1894 in Germany, the Western press writes today.


In particular, the newspaper The Daily Mail says that according to recently discovered archives of German newspapers, the name of Adolf Hitler could forever remain unknown after he almost died in childhood.


Newspaper chronicles indicate that in January 1894, a four-year-old boy fell through the ice on the Inn River in the southern German city of Passau. It was here that Hitler's family lived at that time. Another boy saved the drowning child. The Donauzeitung newspaper, describing the incident, does not indicate names, but historians are inclined to believe that the future Führer of Germany, Adolf Hitler, was the child saved, NEWSRU.COM reports.


This is reportedly indicated by the testimony of a priest who, before his death in 1980, said that his predecessor had saved a drowning boy from the Inn River as a child, and this boy later turned out to be Hitler.


By the way, this episode also appears in a book entitled "From Passau - Leaving the City Hitler Called Home" by Anna Elisabeth Rosmus, who writes that at that time the river bank was "an idyllic place for children to play." During one of these fun little Adolf fell into a river, the water in which was extremely cold, and the current was fast. Fortunately for him (and unfortunately for millions of other people), the boy was saved by the son of the owner of the neighboring house.


It is also known that Hitler himself also repeatedly told his generals that as a child he loved to play Indians and cowboys on the banks of the river. Although that he almost lost his life, he preferred not to mention.


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