Hocus Pocus, NO MORE BROKUS!! 3 NEW and UNIQUE ways to earn passive income

Is this current pandemic and uncerttain enconomy have you strapped for cash? Fear not, my friend. You wont need to do anymore countless online surveys that only pay out cents on the dollar. Times are hard, we all have been there. Here is a list on what I gathered up on ways you could earn yourself some passive income!!!

1. Do you love photography? Sell your photos.

Yes, thats right. Believe it or not, there are actual sites where you can upload your high quality photographs and you could sell them to interested buyers. Photographs are needed by Advertising Companies, Graphic Designers, and Bloggers just to name a few. You do want to ensure you upload high quality format images, and no filters added. Please also keep in mind when uploading to these sites, there may be guidelines and/or specific formats that are accepted. YOU CAN EVEN download the mobile apps for these places!! Theres Shutterstock, Dreamstime, Foap, and Snapwire.


2. Attention Artists, sell your high quality artwork on merchandise of high quality.

A site worth checking out, www.teepublic.com  The awesome thing about this site is not only can you create your own store and sell your artwork on quality merch like clothing, sticker decals, and phone cases (just to name a few) but all sale purchases on this site supports the hard work and effort you put in as an independant artist!!


3. Become a gig worker on Fiverr.

So this one has been around for awhile and we wont call this a new idea for passive income BUT THIS made my list due to the success rate potential. So many gigs out there, please be aware not everyone has the best intentions and always run to the hills if you encounter a scam.

There you have it, I wanted to keep it short and sweet, given this is my very first piece I have written. Until next time, next article..please be safe and healthy out there. Take care everyone!!

- Jamie Lockman


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