HOLY BIBLE: From God, Written by Man

HOLY BIBLE: From God, Written by Man

The Second Vatican Council formulated that God is pleased to reveal Himself (revelatio Dei). By revelation everything that is secret is revealed. So that the truth about God's self-disclosure through human signs is more assured, then God inspired certain people to write down the revelation correctly.

On Dei Verbum (DV) no. 11, Second Vatican Counsil asserts that the Old Testament and New Testament were inspired by God. So all of them are canonical writings that can be used to teach people about God's truth. The statements issued by the Second Vatican Council represent the whole Church, are authentic, not personal views, and apply to the Church.

β€œWhat was revealed by God and contained and available in the Scriptures was written by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. For the holy Mother of the Church, based on the faith of the Apostles, views the books of the Old and New Testaments as a whole, and all their parts, as sacred and canonical books, because they were written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit (cf. John 20:31 ; 2Ti 3:16; 2Pe 1:19-21; 3:15-16), and has God as its author, and in such a state is handed over to the Church[17] . But in composing the holy books God chose people, whom He used while they used their own faculties and abilities[18] , so that - while He was working in and through them[19] , - all that and that was all that was needed. he himself willed to be written by them as real authors” (DV 11).


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