Home aquarium instead of a pet

Many people love animals. But often small living space or lack of time do not allow to have a cat or dog. In such cases, the real solution is to buy an aquarium.


Fish at home have many advantages:


An aquarium does not require a large financial outlay. Many types of fish are inexpensive.

The biggest purchase when setting up a home aquarium will be the tank itself and the equipment. But the choice is huge - you can pick up a set of necessary for any pocket.

Broadens the outlook in children, instills a sense of responsibility. An aquarium in the house allows the child to learn about the life of underwater creatures, as well as learn how to care for living creatures.

It has a relaxing effect on the body. The swimming of fish around the aquarium is mesmerizing and hypnotizing. Watching a few minutes a day for the measured swimming flocks of fish, a person falls into a state close to meditation. As a result, the level of tension and anxiety is reduced.

The calming effect not only affects adults - watching the inhabitants of the aquarium, hyperactive children become calmer and sleep better at night.

Positive effect on health. Surprisingly, watching the tranquil movements of fish in the water reduces blood pressure and heart rate.

It has also been noted that people suffering from Alzheimer's disease are positively affected by the aquarium - they feel happier, show less aggression, they have an increased appetite.

Potted aquarium also has significant disadvantages:


Requires responsibility. Like any pet, fish require care - every day they need to be fed, clean the aquarium regularly and monitor the condition of the water. For some, these manipulations can be a burden.

Business trips and long trips run the risk of becoming a real problem. If you are often away from home, you get an additional concern, because you need to find a person who will take care of the fish during your absence.

Difficulties in moving. Transportation of the aquarium - not an easy task, if you do not sit in place and are constantly changing homes, you need to think carefully about whether now is worth getting fish.

Allergic reactions are possible. Quite often people are allergic to fish food, chemical means to clean the aquarium. It is worth to pay attention to this issue and check the reaction of your body before buying an aquarium.

Only after analyzing all the advantages and disadvantages of aquariums in the house, it is possible to take a well-informed decision about the purchase. The main thing to remember that fish, though not require education, like cats and dogs, but still need proper care.


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